Block Puzzle Online Free Games Puzzledom Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Block Puzzle Online Free Games Puzzledom Best PC Games

Block Puzzle Online Free Games Puzzledom


Block Puzzle Online Free Games Puzzledom Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Free Block Puzzle Games Brick 1010 Free – Puzzledom | Try Out the Best Puzzle Game for PC

Puzzle games will push your wits to the limit. Add PVP into the mix and you will surely be mindblown. Do you want to pit your quick mind against those of other people? Then, download and play Block Puzzle Games Brick 1010 Free – Puzzledom for desktop PC. Are you curious? Go ahead and read on to find out more.


Block Puzzle Games Brick 1010 Free – Puzzledom Gameplay

This is a simple block puzzle game where your goal is to last as long as you can. You will play in a 10×10 grid and will be given three blocks of different shapes and sizes. You have to strategically place them in the grid so that they will all fit. If you fill rows and columns with blocks, the blocks will disappear so filling them is a good strategy for survival.

The premise seems simple at first, but you will eventually find yourself swarmed by an overwhelming number of blocks. If your stacks of blocks begin to fill the field more than what you can banish, chances are, the game will be over soon.

Once you feel comfortable with the classic mode, feel free to move on to the PVP mode. Unlike the classic mode, this mode is real-time. You will be pitted against other players in a competitive mode. Here, you have to make your opponent’s health drop to zero by banishing blocks. Thus, this mode relies not only on your logical skills but also your split-second decision-making.

In addition to the PVP and Classic mode, there is a Puzzle mode which will reward you with hints if you finish them. Feel free to explore this mode if you want to rack up some hints for your pursuit of the global leaderboard top spot.

Grab your Block Puzzle Games Brick 1010 Free – Puzzledom download now and outsmart your opponents. If you love puzzle games and competition, be sure to try out this puzzle game! Looking for more puzzle games? Don’t miss out on Bejeweled Stars: Free Match 3 and Jewel Match King: Quest.

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