10 Best Free Classic Arcade Games Worth Playing on PC this 2022

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Posted on February 10, 2022

If you are someone who enjoys playing the old-school arcades, well, there’s no need to drop some tokens or coins! These arcade games are now playable right on your PC. From pixel-based art to straightforward controls, arcade games continuously rock the gaming community not only with their nostalgic aspects but they are very easy to play and have lower memory requirements.

But, which are the best free classic arcade games worth playing this 2022? Let this list says it all! Ready to update your game list as we give you the best classic arcade games you should not miss playing on your PC.

10 Best Free Classic Arcade PC Games You Must Have

Here are the best classic arcade games you must check out this 2022.

1. Google Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Online Game

Landing on the first spot on the list of best classic arcade games is the Google Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Online Game. First known as Puck Man, this rare arcade game derived from the epic Pac-Man game that we used to play at arcades.

Though it depicts simple gameplay, your adrenaline rush will surely run down fast as you need to collect coins while avoiding the ghosts that try to catch you. But, once you’ve eaten the PAC-dots to transform you into a ghost, it’s payback time, unleash your energy and chase the ghosts.

PAC MAN Missions



Don’t miss the chance to play the legendary arcade game Tetris. Developed by Electronic Arts, Tetris is an arcade game derived from the original game but with more engaging game modes. In this EA’s tile-matching game, you can get a chance to play the Tetris Galaxy and the Marathon Mode.

If you think you have the guts of being the Tetric King, you can go ahead and check your performance and progress in the leaderboards and see if you outshine more than a million players across the globe.

Tetris Choosing Next Block


3. Golden Axe Classics

Another exciting retro game by the popular developer SEGA, is the Golden Axe Classics. Many players choose to play this game as it offers all Golden Axe series, from the Golden Axe to the Golden Axe 3.

Like the classic original game, the controls are the same, but there will be a difference in the characters, the magic they possess, and the opponents as well. In this game, you need to be tactical in using your magic as it cost you potions. These potions are earned when you come across an elf-like creature that bears a bag.

golden axe classics download full version


4. Super Mario Run

This list will never be the best if the famous plumber Mario is not included. Super Mario Run was published by the iconic game developer Nintendo. Like the classic arcade video game, you need to take various levels to save Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom.

The same with the original game, there will be loads of obstacles and enemies to defeat in six distinct worlds. Also, you need to collect gold coins along your way. What is more amazing about this game is you can unlock new stuff to build and decorate your own Mushroom Kingdom.


super mario run for pc 1


5. Pinball Flipper Classic 11in1 – Arcade Breakout 18

Next to the list of best free classic arcade games is the Pinball Flipper Classic 11in1 – Arcade Breakout 18. Feel nostalgic as you play the classic pinball machine right on your PC but with modernized elements.

Like a typical pinball machine, you will need to launch a ball and keep getting points by maintaining the ball to the machine using the flippers. But, what is more exciting about this arcade game is it offers more challenges, obstacles, and even newer tables making the game more engaging.

pinball flipper download full version


6. Super Tank – Battle City 1990

Completing the list of best free classic arcade games is the Super Tank – Battle City 1990. This Tee Studio creation is derived from the classic NES tank game we use to play at arcades. Luckily, you can play this nostalgic game right on your PC.

You will surely notice the classic elements of the original game, from the tank models to the environmental aspects. However, there are 100 levels to play on this game; 65 of them came from the original NES arcade game.

super tank gameplay on pc


7. Brick Breaker Arcade

The Boze Games ‘ Brick Breaker Arcade is joining the list of best classic arcade games. If you are familiar with the classic video game Brick Breaker Arcade, this game is relatively similar to that, and the difference is you can play it on a PC with HD pixel-based graphics.

The modernized Brick Breaker Arcade offers 40 exciting levels that will surely keep you hooked for hours. Each level provides extraordinary presentations suitable for old and new players. For you to unlock a stage, you need first to surpass the five levels in a certain stage before progressing to the next stage.

brick breaker arcade download full version


8. Squadron – Bullet Hell Shooter

Did you enjoy playing space shooting arcade games before? Well, why reminisce if you can play that game right on your PC with Squadron – Bullet Hell Shooter. It is an amazing creation of Magma Mobile, where you are tasked to be a skillful pilot of a spaceship, and you need to take down various enemies to save the enemies.

Though the gameplay is easy to understand, the game still offers a short tutorial on the controls of the game. Like the usual space shooting arcade game, your spaceship automatically fires, making it easier to hit your opponents. Though your spaceship auto fires, you need to unleash your maneuver skills in avoiding the incoming projectiles.

Squadron download full version


9. Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based action platforming game created to test skills and your patience. In this game, you will be set in various levels filled with loads of spiky obstacles and pernicious challenges.

In this game, you will take control of a box-type character, and you need to jump or fly to land at the finish line safely. If it is your first time playing Geometry Dash, you will surely find yourself discouraged as it’s typically hard to avoid the spiky obstacles. But, with practice and perseverance, you will surely get a technique on how to outperform any level.

geometry dash download PC


10. Comix Zone Classic

If you are a fan of reading comics before and at the same time playing fighting games, you’ve got the right game with Comix Zone Classic. This nostalgic game by SEGA portrays an amalgamation of old-school fighting and comics.

In this game, you will take the shoe of Sketch Turner, who is thrown into the world of a comic book he actually created. Here, you need to unleash your fighting skills on various opponents such as Mutant Queen and more. Also, you need to watch Mortus as he can destroy you anytime.


Comix Zone Classic download PC


So, that’s it! Are you ready to download these classic games on your PC? Well, there’s no need to pay for these games, no tokens or coins are included because all games mentioned in this list are for free! To check more free arcade games, see more here on this page.

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