5 Free Educational Kids Games That Help with Online Classes

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Posted on October 1, 2020

As early as age 2, kids these days can already operate a smartphone, iPad, or PC. Many kids can now figure out apps by themselves just by simply tapping or clicking on icons. And naturally, since apps and programs are very easy for kids to navigate, they are now used for educational purposes too. There’s a lot of educational games in the market that can help your kids learn basic alphabet and numbers before they even start school.

Now that online classes or distance learning has become a necessity, these educational apps and games can also come in handy to supplement such. Keeping kids entertained is a challenge, even during online classes. Hence, educational games and apps are a great way to keep their attention and supplement their lessons all at the same time! So if you are looking for the perfect educational games for your kids (or students), we listed some of the best ones below.

1. Kids Preschool Learning Games

In Kids Preschool Learning Games, kids will learn alphabets, numbers and basic spelling. It also introduces them to colors, shapes, animals, and more. This is perfect for kids that would be starting preschool or are already in preschool.


Kids Preschool Learning Games
Image Source: Kids Learning TV


This app offers an engaging and interactive learning gameplay for kids with its colorful graphics and fun visuals. It also offers a comprehensive and easy to follow in-game tutorial. With over 25 programs and mini-games, you can enhance your child’s memory and academic skills even before they start formal school!

2. Body Parts for Kids

Are your kids starting to get keen about the different parts of the body? This game is the perfect one. In Body Parts for Kids, your child can learn basic human anatomy in an entertaining and interactive way. You can introduce kids to a new innovative way of learning through this brilliant game. It comes with mini-games, creative activities, and visual tests to put your kid’s knowledge in check!

3. Baby Games

Got a very curious toddler? Would you want to entertain them while they learn? This is the game for you! Baby Games help enhance your child’s mind in different ways and areas. This helps enhance a child’s cognitive skills, shape and color recognition, motor skills, and more.

That’s through fun activities such as whack-a-mole and popping balloons on screen. It also helps them memorize shapes and learn colors in various ways. Download Baby Games now for a fun and engaging way of learning with your precious one!

4. Animal Farm for Kids – Learn Animals for Toddlers

We all know kids are very fond of animals and they can easily recognize Dogs and Cats at an early age. So why not add more to that? Animal Farm for Kids – Learn Animals for Toddlers will help you expand your kids’ knowledge about animals.


Animal Farm for Kids
Image Source: Little Friends


In this game, kids will learn different species of animals and they can also familiarize themselves with animal care and farm work. They will not just learn about animal names, but they get to know how to take good care of them as well! Animal Farm for Kids – Learn Animals for Toddlers has more than 10 educational game content that your child will surely love. Download Animal Farm for Kids – Learn Animals for Toddlers on PC now for free.

5. Real Piano Teacher 2

If your kid is musically-inclined, you can have them play tunes from the classic Mozarts to the popular songs of this generation with Real Piano Teacher 2!

The game features easy to follow tutorials and visual guides for your kids to help them learn Piano chords easily. This helps them learn how to follow notes and read a music sheet to further improve their music skills and knowledge.

While online learning can be a challenge, there are fun and interactive ways to supplement it—especially with the help of these games! Let your kids experience fun learning with all the free-to-play games we offer. The best part? You can get these games on PC for free! Just click on their individual links to know how.

news author photo avatar icon All free online games that are available to download suit any type of gamer. We've got everything from the family-friendliest games suited for kids to the more action-packed titles for the more mature players.

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