AFK Arena Hero Tier List 2021

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Posted on September 5, 2021

Jump into the action-packed world of Esperia. It’s a place brimming with magic, heroes, champions, and delight. You get to go on a quest in this adventure-filled clicker game, all with the help of your team of fantastic heroes. AFK Arena’s engaging storyline will keep you immersed in a simplistic RPG-style game that’s highly focused and streamlined. With its eye-catching and beautifully crafted visuals, excellent sound design, and tons of free content, it took millions of players by storm. So, lead your band of fantasy heroes as you go and discover the dangers ahead.

If you’re new to this game, you need to get to know the heroes first. There are different classes in AFK Arena such as tanks, supports, warriors, ranger or attacker, and mage. It’s highly recommended that you use S-tier heroes for your team. But to make it easier for you to choose heroes, check out this updated tier list of AFK Arena Heroes.

AFK Arena Tier List: Tanks

If a team only consists of damage dealers and support heroes, they can easily be defeated because there are no tanks to protect them from powerful enemies. These are heroes that can soak up damage, while the damage dealers continue to attack enemies without getting the brunt of it.

For Tier S, there are Daimon, Orthos, Mezoth, Hendrik, Brutus, and Lucius. Tier A has Albedo, Grezhul, Skreg, Arthur, Gorro, and Thoran. There are Amoki, Ulmus, Torne, and Thoran for Tier B. While there are no heroes for Tier C and D, there are Golus, Hogan, Niru, and Ogi for Tier F.

Support Heroes

Support heroes are often overlooked. They have low damage stats and a weak defense. But they are very important because they offer support to allies that are heavily damaged. It can increase the overall power and utility of the team while keeping other heroes alive for a lot longer. It increases damage output as a result.

If you’re looking for the best support heroes in the game, then you should pick Tier S, which consists of Elijah and Lailah, Rowan, Talene, Tasi, Nemora, and Rosaline. Under Tier A, there are Mortas, Silas, Peggy, and Numisu. On the other hand, Tier B only consists of Raine. While there are no Tier C and Tier F, there’s Arden for Tier D.
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Warrior Heroes

Warriors are like tanks that are also on the frontline and can easily soak up damage without getting defeated right away. But they are built with offensive skills, and they help protect the backline while dealing damage to enemies. They are very important in every battle because they can make or break your team.

If you’re wondering which warrior heroes you should use, take a look at Tier S which consists of Alna, Saurus, and Izold. If you still don’t have the three Tier S warriors, you can settle for Tier A, which consists of Nara, QUEEN, Wu Kong, Khasos, Warek, Zolrath, and Estrilda. On the other hand, there are Antandra, Ukyo, and Seirus for Tier B. Rigby for Tier C and Serius for Tier D, as well. There are no warrior heroes under Tier F.


Rangers are like range attackers who have the ability to attack enemies from a distance. They have a pretty fast attack speed, and they are very useful throughout the battle because their attack damage and attack speed are consistent. A good ranger is crucial in every lineup since they can help melee heroes all the time.

You can choose a ranger from Tier S which are Eironn, Athalia, Ferael, and Gwyneth. And for Tier A, there are Fawkes, Cecilia, Kaz, Nakoruru, and Tidus. While Theowyn, Drez, and Respen are on Tier B, Thane and Oscar are under Tier C and Tier D, respectively. There are no heroes under Tier F.
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Mages are also like Rangers, which can deal damage from afar. But the only difference is that most of their magic damage output comes from their Ultimates. And they are also very sensitive since they don’t have a lot of damage stats, so they can easily be killed by assassins or divers.

Some of the best mages are under Tier S, which consists of Ainz Ooal Gown, Mehira, Safiya, Zaphreal, and Satrana. Tier A has Belinda, Flora, Lorsan, Eluard, Pippa, and Khazard. On the other hand, Solise and Isabella belong to Tier B. Oden is under Tier C. There are no heroes for Tier D and Tier F.

Now that you know which heroes you should bank on, it’s time to play AFK Arena Hero! Download the game for free on PC.

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