Ahri Wild Rift – Champion Build, Runes, & Items Guide

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Posted on June 22, 2022

One of the most exciting and fun competitive MOBA games that you can play right now is LoL Wild Rift. What’s great about competitive multiplayer games are the champions that you can use in battle. It features many powerful champions that you can use to fight with. One of those is Ahri, a mage/assassin that can burst down enemies. She’s powerful enough to even one-shot certain enemies. But how do you properly build Ahri in Wild Rift? Let’s discuss this in this blog.

Ahri Wild Rift Guide

Ahri Wild Rift, the Nine-Tailed Fox, is a mage/assassin that can burst down enemy champions. She can even one-shot certain enemies if she’s built right. Furthermore, she specializes in taking the mid-lane. What’s great about Ahri is that she doesn’t just deal heavy damage, she can also do a bit of crowd control. Therefore, making her a deadly opponent can also be frustrating to deal with. Let’s now discuss Ahri skills Wild Rift.

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Essence Theft Passive Skill

The first Ahri skill Wild Rift is a passive skill entitled Essence Theft, which is a stacking skill. Whenever she hits a target with a spell, she gets a stack of Essence Theft. Once she has enough stacks, the next time she hits an enemy with a spell she will also heal. Therefore, giving her a bit of sustain, and allowing her to survive battles longer.

Orb of Deception 1st Skill

For Ahri’s 1st skill in Wild Rift, there’s the Orb of Deception. It’s a skill where she sends out an orb that she pulls back. The orb will deal magic damage to enemies that it hits along the way and true damage on its way back. Moreover, it’s the main skill that you’ll have to develop as this is where most of your damage will come from.

Fox-Fire 2nd Skill

Another of Ahri’s skills in Wild Rift is Fox-Fire. It’s a skill that grants her a sudden boost in movement speed. Additionally, she releases three fox-fires that lock and attack nearby enemies. It’s the second skill you’ll level up after Orb of Deception.

Charm 3rd Skill

Charm is the crowd-control skill of Ahri in Wild Rift. She blows a kiss in a direction and damages the enemy it hits. It also charms the enemy that will make them stop their movement and walk toward her harmlessly. So it’s the skill you’ll use for setting up Ahri’s burst damage. It’s the last skill you’ll focus on developing.

Spirit Rush Ultimate

The ultimate skill of Ahri in Wild Rift is Spirit Rush. Ahri will dash forward and then fire essence bolts that damage nearby enemies. She can use this skill continuously for up to three times before it goes into cooldown. In addition, itt will allow Ahri to do burst damage then you finish off enemies with your 1st or 2nd skill. Level up this skill whenever possible.

ahri wild rift gameplay
Image Source: Ahri Wild Rift Gameplay


Best Ahri Build in Wild Rift

Ahri can be played in any lane, but she’s best used in the mid-lane where it will be easy for her to rotate and help other lanes. Therefore, in this section, we’ll focus on the mid-lane Ahri Build Wild Rift since that’s the best lane for her. Since this champion is a burst mage/assassin that relies on her abilities to deal damage, the best items for Ahri build in Wild Rift are those that increase power abilities. The most important item on her build is the Luden’s Echo because of the added mana, ability power, and ability haste.

Ahri Build Wild Rift

Luden’s Echo is the first item you need to build, as it already allows her to come online. After that, Infinity Orb is the second item to get because of the added health for survivability and the added movement speed. If you need more damage, you can also go with Rabadon’s Deathcap for more ability power and Void Staff for magic penetration. Completing the best items for Ahri build in Wild Rift are Morellonomicon for more health and ability power and Ionian Boots of Lucidity – Stasis for additional survivability.

For the Wild Rift Ahri runes, the best ones for her are Electrocute, Triumph, Nullifying Orb, and Hunter–Genius. Electrocute is for additional damage dealt with enemies while Triumph helps her heal a bit. On the other hand, Nullifying Orb gives her a shield for more survivability and Hunter-Genius gives her more ability haste for every takedown to shorten her skill cooldowns. Lastly, the summoner spells best for Ahri is Flash to help her enter or escape. Ignite is also great because of her Charm skill, which will allow her to deal more damage.

ahri wild rift build


Tips for Playing Ahri in Wild Rift

Ahri is good at clearing waves quickly because of the Orb of Deception skill, this is why it’s best to level it up first. Aside from that, avoid engaging in team fights until you reach level 5 and unlock her Ultimate Spirit Rush, and build Luden’s Echo. Once you have both, that’s the time when you can start hunting down enemies and using her burst damage to quickly get takedowns.

The great thing about Ahri is that her damage scales well, which her still a powerful champion even in the late game. She can also fill a variety of roles, such as the main damage dealer, to set up an enemy with her Charm, or as the initiator. Of course, this champion is not unstoppable or unkillable. There are also Wild Rift Ahri counters like Twisted Fate, Katarina, and Fizz. So, watch out for them. You can see that Ahri is a great champion and can be considered one of the meta champions. She’s a great champion and you’ll enjoy playing her. So, try LoL Wild Rift now.

The Bottomline

As you can see, Ahri is a great champion if you have the right build and items. She’s an incredible mage that belongs to the mid-lane most of the time. So if you want to try her out, make sure to download League of Legends Wild Rift on your PC here in Games.lol!


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