Arknights Guide – Best Guard Tier List for September 2021

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Posted on October 4, 2021

One of the unique and fun strategy games to play right now is Arknights. As this game employs tower defense gameplay, choosing the best operators is essential in every battle. Currently, there are many operators available in Arknights, and each of them belongs to a certain class. These classes are Defender, Caster, Sniper, Guard, Vanguard, Medic, Support, and Specialist. Each class performs a certain role on the battlefield.

Though Arknights is a strategy game, your success will depend greatly on the operators that you use. But with many different operators available, it’s difficult to choose which operator to use in battle. If you’re having a hard time choosing which guard operator to choose, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will list down the best Arknights guards for September 2021.

Know More About the Arknights Guards

The guard class is like your melee damage dealer in the game. They have high HP and attack power, making them a great option being placed behind the defenders. These operators, along with the defenders, are your first line of defense. But the guard operators are the ones that will deal high damage to enemies. Most guard operators are physical damage dealers, but there are also Arts guards, which will deal Arts damage.

The only issue with guard operators is that they have little to no Arts Resist. That makes them very vulnerable against casters and arts guards. Nevertheless, they’re powerful operators that can be very useful. Let’s now look at the tier list of the guard operators.

S-Tier Guards

If you’re looking for the most powerful guards available, then the S-tier guard is your option. They’re the overpowered guard operators available and your go-to option. With these operators, your chances of winning matches will greatly increase, even the difficult battles.

You will actually have plenty of options for this tier since there are nine S-tier guards in Arknights. These are SilverAsh, Thorns, Ch’en, Specter, Blaze, Surtr, Lappland, Skadi, and Hellagur.

arknights s tier
Image Source: Arknights SilverAsh gameplay

Whenever you have these operators on your roster, make sure to focus on when you’re looking to develop your Guard class.

A-Tier Guards

If you don’t happen to have any of the available S-tiers, don’t worry since there are good alternatives. They are the A-tier guards, and they’re also powerful operators. Sure, they’re not the overpowered type that doesn’t have any weaknesses. But they’re still a great option and will still help you win battles, even the challenging ones.

Like the S-tiers, you will also have nine options available for the A-tiers. The guard operators on this tier are Franka, Whislish, Ayerscarpe, Utage, Astesia, Flint, Bibeak, Indra, and Broca.

arknights a tier
Image Source: Arknights Utage gameplay

The A-tier operators are those that you should invest in developing, especially if you don’t have S-tiers. They’re still good options to invest your resources in.

B-Tier Guards

The B-tiers guards are also good operators to use in the game. They may have noticeable weaknesses, and you’ll see a drop-off in effectiveness compared to higher tiers. But they’re still good options to use, especially in the beginning. When you’re starting out, you likely won’t have many S- or A-tier operators, so the B-tiers are good options. But as you progress further, their effectiveness will start to decrease. Nevertheless, they’re still worth it.

arknights b tier
Image Source: Arknights Mousse gameplay

There are 13 B-tier guards, and they are Flamebringer, Sideroca, Arene, Mousse, Beehunter, Savage, Estelle, Melantha, Conviction, Frostleaf, Matoimaru, Cutter, and Jackie. In terms of development, you should just develop them as needed. However, try to save your resources for the A- and S-tiers.

C-Tier Guards

The C-tiers are the guard operators that you should least prioritize. They’re decent enough to help you in most battles, but don’t expect them to dominate and carry you in battle. They’re the operators that you’ll use in case you don’t have any of the higher-tier guards.

arknights c tier
Image Source: Arknights Swire review

There are only four C-tier guard operators, and they are Popukar, Castle-3, Swire, and Midnight. Don’t try to waste any of your resources in developing them, unless it is absolutely necessary. But if you can help it, don’t bother developing them.

Final Thoughts

The Guard operators are great melee damage dealers that you can pair with your defenders. They can deal tons of damage while also not having problems surviving on the frontlines. If you’re looking for the best guard operators, just check out the tier list provided in this blog post.

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