Best Games of 2020 – The Year The World Played Online

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Posted on December 4, 2020

2020 is definitely a year for the books, there is no need to even explain what a rollercoaster ride it has been. But among everything that has happened throughout the year, it has been a pretty year for gaming. With everyone stuck at home a lot of people have resorted to alternate forms of entertaining themselves. And that has resulted in a massive spike in players resorting to online games.

Without the regular social interaction that many are used to, the world of online gaming has become a sort of replacement. Fortunately, even when the world slowed down the gaming industry was somehow able to trudge forward. Whether it was popular games getting more regular updates or entirely new game releases, there were a lot of highlights in 2020 for the world of gaming.

Top 5 Best Games on

Here is are the top 5 games that brought some comfort and much-needed social interaction to those who felt they were going crazy with cabin fever. Best of all, all these games are available to download on for free so you can play it on your desktop PC. Playing games on the PC brings a whole new level of control and interaction because of the keyboard and mouse. And the Client is optimized with intuitive control schemes optimized for each of the hundreds of games in our game library.

But here are the best of the best:

Among Us

Among Us is not really a new game, it has been around since about June 2018 but this year it had a sudden explosive growth in popularity. Partly due to the sudden increase in the number of major streamers playing the game live, and partly because of the worldwide situation where everyone is left to find new forms of entertaining themselves.


among us the skeld map


We’ve come to a point wherein if you have never heard of Among Us then you definitely living under a rock. Among Us is a game of intuition, deception, manipulation, and wit. Sounds like something very cynical but the truth is that it is loads of fun especially when playing with a group of close friends where you get to really crank up the manipulation and basically end your friendships.

Garena Free Fire

Fortnite may rule the consoles and Call of Duty Warzone King of the battle royale territory on PC. But one thing is for sure, Garena Free Fire is still a big hit for a majority of the incoming gamers. Sure, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Call of Duty Mobile exist in the same space as Garena Free Fire, but luckily it still holds its own in the battle royale genre.


garena free fire drop zone


There are a few reasons that players still flock to Garena Free Fire over the other options. One possible reason is the shorter matches that allow one to jump in and out of the game. Something that is important to take into consideration especially when you’re jumping into a match during a quick break from work or school. Having to drag along through an endless match could potentially ruin your good record in real life.

Another potential reason is that Garena Free Fire uses fewer hardware resources than the competition, not to mention the ridiculousness that is Call of Duty – but that is another topic entirely. The fact is Garena Free Fire is here to stay and definitely worth getting into.

Gacha Life

For all the frustration that random generation games provide to players, for some reason there is an addictive flavor to them that keeps players coming back for more. Moreover, Gacha Life has completely broken the mold by expanding into more areas than the game itself. Sure lots of Triple-A franchises have done this in the past, but what makes Gacha life unique is that the franchise is built by the community.


gacha life character dress up


From animation movies, shorts, pictures, drawings, YouTube videos, and a whole ton of content has been created around the Gacha Life universe. That is because the game revolves around collecting characters and dressing them up with hundreds of different clothes, accessories, and gear. There are literally hundreds of potential combinations which makes the game very unique in that sense. And the gaming community has completely consumed that sandbox design in order to create their own worlds.

Combined with cute anime graphics and very simple gameplay, Gacha Life is up to now a strong contender as one of the Best Games of 2020.


Sure, sure, Mobile Legends Bang Bang may be more of a household name in some regions, but that is not to say that the competition does not have a piece of the pie. As a matter of fact, Vainglory has quite the following on its own.


vainglory gameplay features


Vainglory takes a more traditional approach towards the hero defense game category. That gives it an edge in that it is much easier to jump into Vainglory if you’re coming from a PC exclusive type of game like Dota 2. Of course, the dynamics are a little different, but more or less it is the same principle that translates perfectly well when played on the client since it is basically an intuitive hero defense game on PC.

Gacha Club

In a nutshell, Gacha Club is Gacha Life 2. As a matter of fact, that was the original title until the developers Lumine decided to rename it as Gacha Club instead. The game itself carries the same basic gameplay features of Gacha Life but also adds onto it with some features of Lumine’s other games as well as some whole new gameplay features as well.


gacha club battle


What is nice is that Gacha Club still utilizes the cute anime graphical styling from its predecessor, but the most obvious evolution of the franchise is the RPG-style battle system that was not really a thing in the first game. Gacha Life was really more of a casual game, whereas Gacha Club seems to have more of an RPG-like spin to it.

But just like its predecessor, Gacha Club also has a massive following and is one of the more popular Gacha games out there. Best of all it is a pretty popular game on as well, so you can easily find it on our front page along with the other trending games from our massive game library. Definitely, something you will want to take a look at.

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