Best Virtual Pet Games You Can Play in 2021 on PC

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Posted on March 17, 2021

As cute and as exciting as the notion may sound, raising pets requires a lot of work and attention. Beyond the cuteness and the cuddles lie the various challenges involved in keeping your pet happy and healthy.  If you are planning to adopt an animal but are doubtful if you possess the skills, then why not raise a virtual pet? Unbeknownst to many, virtual pets are the closest thing to a real one; the only difference is that you can resurrect virtual pets if they meet their quietus, whereas the real ones are gone forever.

Moving forward, the inception of PF Magic’s Petz series in the video game industry paved the way for the development of the Tamagotchi and Digimon. These two games are the most influential virtual pet brands in the genre. Over the years, hundreds of virtual pet simulations spawned in the market of video games. The designs may differ from each other, but the concept popularized by the Tamagotchi brand still remains in every title.

As saturated as the virtual pet genre may seem, few titles stand out from the crowd. Lucky for you because if you are looking for a virtual pet, then you can choose from five of the best free virtual pet games that you can download and install on your PC in 2021. If you want to download any of the titles below, you can click on the header to get to the game’s main download page.

Moy Virtual Pet Game Series – Frojo Apps

The Moy Virtual Pet Game series comprises seven free-to-play titles and one spin-off. This fun and exciting pet game comes from indie video game developer Frojo Apps. As the title implies, Moy is the name of the game’s main character. For the most part, Moy looks more like a cute living goo than an animal, which makes him the perfect starter pet. Players can do various activities with Moy.

Virtual Pet Moy

Examples of these activities include dress-up, feeding, cleaning, sleeping, etc. In addition to the regular activities, Moy also features a decent selection of mini-games. As of writing, the Moy Virtual Pet Game series has managed to accumulate more than 200 million downloads across multiple platforms. If you can take care of Moy, you can move up to the next title featured on our list.

My Talking Tom Franchise – Outfit7

With over 15 billion downloads under its flagship, the My Talking Tom franchise is hands-down one of the biggest titles on this list. As impressive as the game’s total number of downloads may imply, the My Talking Tom Series or Talking Tom and Friends is not a full-fledged virtual pet game.

My Talking Tom Pet Game

This part is because of the game’s format that makes Tom or any other character immortal. Don’t get it wrong but, making Virtual Pets free from demise will not help an aspiring pet owner prepare for the real thing. Nevertheless, the franchise set the foundations of the mobile virtual pet scene we know today. That contribution alone deserves recognition nonetheless.

My Boo Virtual Pet Online – Tapps Games

My Boo Virtual Pet Online is another popular virtual Pet game that comes with various player activities. Just like Moy, this virtual pet simulation from Tapps Games is not an animal-themed game. However, it does not remove the fact that the pet in this game is more demanding than the first two titles in our list. For starters, My Boo requires bathing, feeding, dressing up, and attention, which for the most part, resembles the needs of a real pet.

Boo Virtual Pet Online


My Tamagotchi Forever – Paladin Studios

Next, my Tamagotchi Forever is the official video game version of Bandai Namco’s phenomenal handheld digital pet. Unlike its predecessor, this modern version of Tamagotchi employs the Freemium business structure, making the game free for everyone. Concealed behind the contemporary graphics and highly detailed characters are the original gameplay mechanics of the game. To make it even more immersive, Bandai Namco entrusted the game’s development to the innovative team of Paladin Studios. They managed to infuse modern elements into the game.

Tamagochi Forever

Unfortunately, just like most of today’s virtual pets, the Tamagotchi characters in the game are immortals. This proposes that whether or not you take good care of your virtual pet makes no difference since the characters in this version will not leave or succumb to sickness. Still, taking good care of the Tamagotchi comes with its in-game perks, which are rewarding nonetheless.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector – Hit Point

Of all the free-to-play virtual pet titles on our list, nothing compares to this game! The realistic and innovative gameplay mechanics of Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector makes it unique of all games. Made by Japanese video game developer Hit-Point. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector, comes with a modest and easy-to-learn gameplay structure. For instance, these signature elements commonly seen in Japanese-developed games is a fine gameplay structure paired with intricate skill-based mechanics.

Neko Atsume Game Pet

All the player needs to do is to place various toys and snacks in the yard to attract cats. Despite having the word “collector” in the title, players are not required to pet or groom the game animals. However, it does require keen observation skills and data collection skills.

The player’s primary goal is to document what attracts the animals and make them feel at home. Compared to the other titles on this list, the cats in this game will leave the yard. In that case, its the closest thing a player will get in terms of losing a pet. These elements make Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector one of the best virtual pet simulators for aspiring pet owners.

Easy to Learn, Challenging to Master

Owning a pet is like having a new member in the family. Aside from food and shelter, pets require a regular show of affection, time, and attention, among others. If for some reason, you are in short supply of these traits, then its best to have a virtual pet for now. Do a rain check and see if you are up to the task of adopting a loyal companion. Plan it by testing your skills in any of the titles featured in the list. After all, adopting a pet is similar to hardcore video games; easy to learn but challenging to master.

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