Boom Beach – Best & Ultimate Guide To The Player Troops

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Posted on May 15, 2021

PVP strategy games are always fun and addictive to play. And when it comes to addictive PVP games, Supercell is one of the known developers for bringing addictive multiplayer strategy games. They’re the ones responsible for games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Another fun and addictive game that they have published is Boom Beach. It’s a multiplayer strategy game where players build a base on an Archipelago.

Then players would have to defend that base from attackers and then also attack other bases. It’s a game of who has the most powerful army. And one of the ways you have a powerful army is by training the right troops. To help you have a powerful army in the game, you must understand all of the troops you can train in Boom Beach. In this article, we’ll discuss the different troops that you can get in the game.

Boom Beach Attack


The Rifleman

This is the first unit you will use in Boom Beach as they’re the first ones available. They’re a balanced troop with moderate HP, decent damage, and okay attack range. They’re a troop that is very effective in large numbers. They are weak against Machine Guns, Mortars, Rocket Launchers, and Flamethrowers. They’re troops best with another troop that can take up most of the damage while they stay behind. Though they can be effective, don’t expect them to be your main troop moving forward.

Boom Beach: The Heavy

These are the second troops that you will be able to use after the Rifleman. They become available once Headquarters gets upgraded to level 2. These troops are like tanks since they’re good at taking all the damage. They can be a good combination with the Rifleman in the beginning since they can go at the front to take all the damage and the Rifleman are behind them dealing damage.

They do deal some damage, but it’s mediocre. Their role is to be the shield during attacks or defense, so you better put them at the front. But like Rifleman, don’t expect them to be part of your main troops moving forward.

The Zooka

The Zooka has a long-range attack and can deal great damage. The problem with this troop is that it is very weak. It’s a troop that’s best positioned at the back, taking advantage of its long-range attack and covering for its very low health.

On the other half, it’s also important that you take out defensive towers and that can easily take out the Zookas like Sniper Tower, Mortar, Rocket Launcher, and Machine guns before deploying them. It’s best to deploy the Zookas a few minutes after attacking so they won’t succumb to the enemy’s defense. Their damage and attack range can allow you to come up with good strategies. They’re unlocked when the Headquarters reach level 5.

Boom Beach Gameplay


Boom Beach: The Warrior

This troop is a melee hero, which means it fights in close-range combat. This troop has very great damage and has the fastest movement out of all the troops. They also have better health than the Rifleman and can even heal themselves. They’re good for rushing enemy headquarters with their fast movement speed and great damage.

They’re also effective at taking out Mortars, Rocket Launchers, and Shock Launchers since their fast movement can dodge attacks. They are weak against Flamethrowers, Sniper Towers, and Machine Guns. They’re troops that can be effective under certain circumstances, so assess the enemy’s base first before sending them. They become available after the Headquarters reach level 8.

The Tank

The Tank is the second slowest troop in the game but has excellent damage and very high health. They can be very effective if used with the right strategy in attacking. The issue with them is that they consume much Landing Craft space, making it hard to use many of them for an attack. But if used properly, they’re very hard to deal with.

Their high health makes them hard to kill, and their significant damage can wreak havoc. They’re best paired with Medics or Grenadiers. They’re unlocked at Headquarters level 11.

The Medic in Boom Beach

Probably one of the most essential troops in Boom Beach is the Medic. Their role in the game is to heal other troops to increase survivability. They usually follow only injured troops, and if there aren’t any damaged, they follow the closest army. It’s essential to monitor their movements since it can become a bit erratic if many wounded troops are on the battlefield.

Medics, though, don’t dish any damage, which makes it easy to kill them. It’s always a good idea to have at least 2 Medics so they can heal each other. This troop is available once Headquarters is at level 15.

The Grenadier

This troop can do splash damage, which means its attack can hit multiple targets. It also has a high attack range, allowing it to attack enemies from a distance. The only problem with them is that they’re wildly inaccurate. Their attack can also damage your troops, so it’s not a good idea to use them in battle.

What Grenadiers are good at, though, is triggering Mines, Boom Mines, and Shock Mines. So you don’t need plenty of them when you’re attacking, just a few to trigger mines. They’re unlocked at Headquarters level 16.

The Scorcher

This is a troop that has very high health but dishes low damage. It does have a burn effect, where any buildings that it attacks will continue burning for 5 seconds. This troop also gets explode and deal damage to nearby troops and structures when it’s destroyed. Though it has a burn effect, it’s a troop that’s best used for soaking up damage.

It’s a better shield than the Heavies since this troop changes constantly target after attacking for a few seconds. This means that it will move further into the enemy base, allowing it to soak up more damage. It’s available once Headquarters is at level 18.

Boom Beach War


The Cryoneer

This troop can slow down enemy troops with its Freeze Beam that also has a beam-rake effect. When deployed, they will spread themselves out on the battlefield to target as many enemy troops as possible. The issue with them is that they don’t deal damage to enemy troops and only minimal damage to buildings.

They can still be instrumental with their slow effect. Other than that, they can make a great team with Grenadier since it will be easier to target slower enemies. They will also pair well with Zookas. The Headquarters need to be level 20 to unlock this troop.

The Bombardier

This is the troop with the most extended range in Boom Beach. They also have high damage making them the best long-range army to use. But like the Zookas, they’re also very fragile and can easily be killed. Fortunately, they have a more extended range than Machine Guns, Cannons, and Flamethrowers, so they can attack without getting attacked. They also outrange Sniper Towers and Mortars, but only barely.

Like with the Zookas, they’re best to put at the back with the Heavies or Tanks positioned at the front. Please take advantage of their long-range in damaging towers from a safe distance. They’re available once Headquarters is at level 21.

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