Boom Beach – Tips & Tricks To Win More In The Game

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Posted on May 30, 2021

When it comes to addictive multiplayer strategy games, Boom Beach is likely one of the games that will come to mind. It’s a multiplayer strategy game that’s published by Supercell. In this game, you get to build a base on an island and then train troops, as well as acquire powerful heroes. You then use your troops to attack other bases and defend your base from attackers.

As simple as the gameplay sounds, this is not an easy game. There are many things that you need to consider in Boom Beach that can impact whether you win or lose in a battle. To make sure you won’t always put yourself at a disadvantage, this blog will help you. It will provide tips and tricks that can increase your chances of winning in battles.

Always Go On The Offensive

One of the things that you should remember about Boom Beach is that it’s a strategy game that puts priority on offense over defense. What this means is that focusing too much on beefing up the defense of your base can actually be more detrimental to your progress and advancement. No matter how strong your defense is, you can never really fully protect it from attackers.

Boom Beach Offense
Image Source: Boom Beach Warriors – The Best Low Level Attack Strategy

Whatever you do, you won’t be able to prevent losing resources from attackers, so trying to focus on defense will be a wrong move. Whatever resources you lost from the attack can be acquired again from attacking other bases. In Boom Beach, the biggest defense is the offense. So, don’t put priority on defense instead, focus more on offense. This means rigid training and troops upgrading, landing crafts, and gunboats.

Upgrade Your Structures Wisely

When it comes to upgrading your buildings, it’s important that you focus your resources most on the important ones. Your HQ would have to be your top priority since leveling it up will give you access to more powerful troops to use in the game. While the Sculptor will have to be your second priority since it lets you create special statues. The special statues provide certain bonuses in the game.

In terms of what statue to focus on, go for Gunboat Energy, Troop Damage, Troop Health, and Resource Reward. You can also go for statues that provide an increase in resource production since iron and stone can be difficult to get. At least keep the increased resource production statue at a low level while the others you focus on increasing.

After that, you focus on upgrading buildings that can help your offense like Landing Crafts, Gunboat, Armory, Radar, and so on. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your Storage so you can take in all the resources you acquired from attacking.

Always Scout Bases Before Attacking

Though going on the offensive should be the priority, it doesn’t mean just attacking every base you see. You also have to be smart and strategic with your attacks. First, you scout the enemy base so you’ll see what you will be up against. Once you’ve seen their defensive formation, you should plan properly on how to attack. This means using troops that will have an advantage during the attack.

Boom Beach Scout
Image Source: Boom Beach Scouting Bases “Look before you leap”

Though you should be attacking frequently, you should also try to minimize losses as much as possible. So, scouting your potential target’s base and then planning accordingly will be key. Use any advantage you can get in the game.

Join an Active Task Force

When you’re joining a Task Force in Boom Beach, make sure that it’s an active one. This means most of the members attack during operations. In this way, you get to maximize the damage during operations. If your Task Force is not that active, then you’d be wasting your time there. It’s also wise if you can join a Task Force where most of the members are either at your same level or not that far from you.

This ensures you won’t be participating in operations that are beyond your capabilities. You’d want to be able to participate properly and not just watch on the sidelines because you’re not strong enough.

Don’t Rush Collecting Resources From Boats

One way to keep your resources safe from enemy attacks in Boom Beach is by not immediately taking them from the boats. They’re safe from enemy raids or attacks so, even if your base is hit, the resources inside the boat won’t be taken. This means it could be wise to keep them there if you’re not going to use them yet. You can always take them any time once you’re ready to use them like for upgrading.

Always Start Long Upgrades as You’re About to Log-Out

Not all buildings will have the same upgrade time. Some of them will take longer to finish, especially the buildings with higher levels. So, when you’re playing, focus more on upgrades that won’t take too much time so you can keep on upgrading when you need to. Then, once you’re about to log out of Boom Beach, that’s the time you start the long upgrades. This will maximize your time when you’re playing the game.

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