Epic Seven – Soul Weaver Tier List (November 2021 Update)

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Posted on November 22, 2021

Developed by SuperCreative and published by Smilegate Megaport, Epic Seven is an action-packed role-playing game with epic adventures revolving around an exciting storyline. This game lets you in on the 7th World, where you get to showcase your skills on the battlefield while using your favorite and all-powerful heroes. You get to hunt monsters and explore labyrinths. You also get to battle against other players.

Speaking of heroes, Epic Seven currently has over 200 heroes, boasting various skills, elements, and styles. The Epic Seven Soul Weaver category is one of the best when it comes to healing and buffing their allies. If you want to become the best healer for your team, this Epic Seven Soul Weaver tier list will help you determine the best heroes to use. With this tier list, you’ll find the best Soul Weaver Epic Seven hero that can complete your team.

But before we get into the tier list, let’s talk first about Soul Weavers and what they actually do.

What Are Epic Seven Soul Weavers?

Soul Weavers are the buffers and healers in Epic Seven. They work to protect their allies and aid them during battle. There are currently two general versions of Soul Weavers. The first one is the Tank version. They are the heroes that are always on the frontlines as they can absorb damage since they have a lot of defensive stats. However, they have longer cooldown spells that can turn the tide of a battle. Some of the famous tanks are Ruele of Light, Destina, and Angelica.

The second version of Soul Weavers is the Fast version. They are generally more focused on speed. They also have shorter cooldowns with spells that you can spam easily. Fast versions may also have a powerful buff, which you can use first. Even though they can still take a beating, they’re not as durable as Tanks. Some of the popular Fast Healers you may want to use are Angelic Montmorancy, Tamarine, Achates, and Diene.

Epic Seven PC Soul Weaver Heroes

The priorities of Tank Healers and Fast Healers are different. For Talk Healers, their priorities are health, defense, and effect resistance or speed. On the other hand, the priorities of Fast Healers are health, speed, defense, and effect resistance.

Epic Seven Soul Weaver Tier List

Now that you have an idea of what Soul Weavers are, let’s dive deep into the ranking of the Epic 7 Soul Weaver heroes.

S-Tier Heroes

If you’re searching for the cream of the crop and the most powerful of all the Soul Weavers, then you’re looking at the S-tier heroes. Currently, the S-tier Epic Seven Soul Weaver heroes are Ruele of Light and Roana. They are the heroes that you need in your team if you want to have a huge chance of winning every battle. Once you get them, make sure to upgrade them so you can provide the best buffs for your allies.

A-Tier Heroes

Since it’s pretty hard to acquire S-tier heroes in Epic Seven, you can settle for the alternatives. And these are the A-tier heroes. They are also decently powerful and allow room for progress. In short, they can still help you win your battles when used in the right way.

Since there are many A-tier heroes, you can easily unlock them compared to the S-tier heroes. Currently, the A-tier heroes are Angelic Montmorancy, Angelica, Tamarinne, Blaze Dingo, and Achates. Make sure to focus on building these heroes once you have them on your character list.

B-Tier Heroes

If you’re still new to Epic Seven, the best heroes you can catch are those under B-tier. They are also a decent alternative to A-tier heroes, which you can also upgrade and equip with powerful builds to make them more effective on the battlefield. They’re also great heroes to use in more challenging battles. But you’ll expectedly have a harder time winning.

Epic Seven Blood Moon Haste

For the B-tier list of heroes, we have Mascot Hazel, Destina, Diene, Blood Moon Haste, Magic Scholar Doris, and Lots.

C-Tier Heroes

C-tier heroes are those that most beginners will get once they first start playing Epic Seven. They’re the perfect Epic Seven Soul Weaver heroes to use while you’re still getting the hang of the gameplay. Plus, it will help you progress and win slightly challenging battles.

With the help of these Epic Seven Soul Weaver heroes, you’ll slowly crawl your way to the top. Although their skills and attributes are less powerful than high-tier heroes, they are still effective on the battlefield.

For the C-tier heroes, we have Sinful Angelica, Elena, Emilia, Sonia, Kizuna, Requiemroar, AI, Lucy, Ainos, and Aither.

D-Tier Heroes

Finally, we have the D-tier heroes. These Epic Seven Soul Weaver heroes are not as powerful as those listed above, but they are valuable in their own way. They can be a great alternative to C-tier heroes, especially if you’re still starting. And you can use them for those not-so-challenging battles. The D-tier heroes are Doris, Elson, Montmorancy, Hazel, and Desert Jewel Basar.


And here ends our Epic Seven Soul Weaver tier list for November 2021. Do keep in mind that this tier list may change when developers release new game updates. Nevertheless, this tier list will still guide you on the best Soul Weaver heroes to choose from in the game.

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