Final Fantasy Tactics: WoTL Gameplay Review of the 1997 Classic

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Posted on March 18, 2021

As one of the famous tactical role-playing games, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, has been known for its better storyline which includes interesting new cut scenes and features. The game deployed numerous new and unique characters but also included some characters from the previous Final Fantasy. The game sets in a fictional world called Ivalice. The story revolved around the war between the Kingdom of Ivalice and Ordalia.

Your main character in this game is Ramza Beoulve. Your goal is to create a strong team of fighters to defeat the final boss of the game. As you go into combat against a variety of enemies, you will find that the combat style of this game is like chess where your characters move across a grid-like board, and each character having their move limits.

For each combat, there is a chance that there will be different terrains that would dictate the mobility of all the fighters. You will then take turns against the enemy to make an action during your turn. If your attack can reach an enemy after you make a move in combat, then you can do both actions during that turn. Remember that there are characters that have a longer range of attacks. This is an advantage if your enemies are melee type and you can move far from the enemy as long as your attack range can reach them.

Final Fantasy

You need to consider your remaining HP and MP you have during combats. HP denotes how much health your characters have left and you must do your best not to let this get to zero or else that specific character dies. For instance, the characters needs more MP in the game to cast abilities just like the ability Death. The Dark Mage uses this power to instantly kill an enemy.

Unique Features to Date

One of the unique features of Final Fantasy games is the ability of each characters to equip a job. This is a feature that can make winning easier depending on the team you bring out to fight during each combat. There are 22 playable jobs in the game and you can achieve any of the jobs depending on the prerequisites you do for each character. As you develop each of your characters, they gain experience to improve their overall level. Job Points are also gained which level up jobs.

As a character gains more experience in multiple jobs, they eventually gain access to other, more advanced, or specialized jobs. However, some jobs require you to put more time and experience in several jobs. Some of it also needs the mastery of others to be truly effective. Keep in mind that once you have chosen to learn a job, you can use the skills and job-specific commands. That’s even after a character switches to a different job, but there may be a penalty for you to use them.

Final Fantasy Jobs

One of the strongest jobs in the game is the Dark Knight. And, for your character to get this job your character must master Knight, master Black Mage, reach Dragoon Level 8, or reach Samurai Level 8. You must also reach Ninja Level 8, reach Geomancer Level 8, and Kill 20 enemies. Take note that the specific character must make the killing blow to the 20 enemies. Those enemies should turn to crystal or treasure chest.

Action Ability

As your characters master different jobs and level up as well, they also get new and stronger Action abilities. There are unique abilities for each job. By choosing specific jobs for your team, your attack and defense for each combat can be greatly affected. An example of these job-specific abilities is the Summon ability of the job Summoner.

With this power, you can can turn the tide to your advantage more than what you can expect. This ability will let you summon espers, powerful monsters, to lash out massive damage to the enemies. You can summon the well-known esper, Ifrit, which breathes out fire onto the battlefield to damage multiple enemies in one turn.

Reaction Ability

Other than the Action ability, your character may have a Reaction ability available. This ability only activates when a certain trigger condition sets during combat. Reaction abilities may provide your character with a counterattack or give beneficial status effects to your other characters in combat.

One of the advantages of a reaction ability is that it will not use up your character’s MP. An example of such an ability is the Archer’s Bane. If your character has the Archer job, when it is being attacked by an enemy that uses a bow/crossbow. From there,  your character will dodge those types of attacks.


As Final Fantasy games have crossovers with the characters by Square Enix, you can unlock permanent characters that came from the different versions of the Final Fantasy games. By completing optional battles, you can make a character such as Cloud Strife. This is the main character from the well known Final Fantasy VII, a permanent member of your team.

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