Granny Updates That You Need to Know

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Posted on February 11, 2019

If you haven’t been up to date with the horror game Granny or if you’ve been too scared to finish it, we’re letting you know right now there have been some major overhaul in the gameplay department. With a completely different way to escape the house, a new creepy visitor and a Slenderina easter egg lying around, this is DVLoper’s biggest patch ever for the ongoing horror game. Let’s see what all the fuss is about:
granny practice mode

Practice Mode

Yes, the game now has a practice mode for you to…practice, of course. In this game mode, you won’t find Granny here (probably out grocery shopping or gutting an innocent bystander). You’re free to move around the house and get familiar with all the tools and items. This is the best time to know the real purpose of each object as well as practicing utilization. At least this time, you won’t have any excuse whenever you make an oopsie. You should be able to use all the items too at your own will at any time. You’ll be safe throughout the whole playthrough until you meet her unlikely pet, which brings us to our next update;


A…Pet Spider

Yes, it’s not just Granny that you should worry. Within the confines of the basement is a giant spider that was trained to eat you if you ever provoke it. Otherwise, it really doesn’t do any harm if you keep a certain distance from it. Better make sure you have a tranquilizer gun or shotgun with you if matters come to the worse.
granny easter egg

Angelene Easter Egg

Remember that other creepy game Slenderina: The Cell? As it turns out, you can locate her mother within the house by doing certain actions:

First of all, you’ll need to find a random book around the house. Once you find it, go to the second bedroom. Knock down the portrait on the wall to show a lever. Activate it and it will open up a room within the bookshelf. Enter the narrow room and place the book in the only book stand inside. It will slide open a room where Slenderina’s mom, Angelene, is cuffed to the wall unconscious.

While this easter egg doesn’t do anything else special, the fact that Slenderina and Granny somehow relate together through an easter egg is just downright frightening on its own. You can also do this during Practice Mode.


Escaping Via the Car

This should not come as no surprise but we’ll still put this in here just in case you never realized you can use the car to escape. All you need to do is find the car key, the padlock key for the garage, gas, and some parts (engine body, car battery, spark plug, and wrench).


Hope these updates will make your Granny experience fresh! Play one of the best scary games on your PC right now! Just download Granny here on

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