Honkai Impact 3 Releases Version 2.7: The Biggest Update to Date

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Posted on December 21, 2018

The team in MiHoYo Games knows how to make their game feel fresh. Honkai Impact 3 is setting its course onto an exciting finale in its story mode and a blissful number of new game modes to play.



Patch 2.7 is the game’s biggest update, amounting to a total of 1.7 Gb to install. Is it worth installing all that data? If you’re a constant player, you might think the update is more of a sequel rather than just mere added content! Furthermore, we get a new Valkyrie named Rita – a brand-new character in the world of Honkai Impact with a mysterious past. But the best of all, it has a new free roaming mode and a Hunt game reminiscent of Monster Hunter! Time to find out all the juicy details:


Brand New Battlesuits and Characters

Himeko gets another S-Rank battlesuit called Vermilion Knight: Eclipse. It’s an awakened MECH-type of the Scarlet Fusion. Players consider it as the most powerful Himeko battlesuit – much more than the Blood Rose battlesuit. Rita finally enters the field as an A-Rank PSY-type called Umbral Rose that specializes in burst damage. To top it all off, we have the legendary Kallen with a fresh A-Rank battlesuit titled Sündenjäger – an awakened Valkyrie Ranger MECH-type that deals AoE burst damage.



Chapter 9: Journey for Tomorrow

Honkai Impact 3 players who have been waiting for the conclusion should be really stoked for this announcement. The exciting final battle is here and, according to miHoYo, it’s going be an emotional roller coaster ride. Will the girls of the Hyperion stop the Herrscher of the Void from bringing the world to destruction? Only one way to find out.


New Open World Map: Helheim

In addition to the characters and story mode, Honkai Impact 3 introduces Helheim: a new open world mode that has you tracking escaped test subjects and hunting them down. Fighting these escaped targets are hard since they don’t die too easily. You can use environmental attacks to double the damage or receive buffs midflight. Having a very rough time? Call in an SOS to let other players help you out!


In other words, this game mode is a huge inspiration for CAPCOM’s Monster Hunter series. Look, it’s Honkai Impact with Monster Hunter elements thrown in. What’s not to love about that? Contrastingly, this one is set in a large lab that lets you interchange dimensions on the fly. Yes, it’s very interesting and yes, the game feels fresh.


New Difficult Challenge – Aesir Files

Has Honkai Impact 3 gone easy on you? Well, if you desire pain and anguish and all the right ways, the Aesir Files challenge will surely mess you up! It is unlocked after you finish Chapter 9-1.


New Shop Items

Expect more items to show up in the shops especially the whole December. Black Nucleus, Dimension Break, and Phoenix are now available in the shop in exchange for fragments.


UI Changes

Honkai Impact 3 has a better UI this time around when choosing the game mode you want. Furthermore, Dorm access is easier now since you can choose directly from the main menu which dorm room you want to visit.


After reading this article, aren’t the new cool updates worth it to install the latest update of the game?  Now there’s only one way to find out, download and play Honkai Impact 3 at Games.lol on your PC today!

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