Human: Fall Flat – Review of a Quirky Online Multiplayer Game

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Posted on January 19, 2021

Human: Fall Flat is probably the most frenzied multiplayer online game you never knew you needed. It was first released in July 2016, but it was not until 2019 when the game was finally available for Android. The game is an insane puzzle incorporated with aspects of real-world physics, wobbly characters, and a bizarre open-world landscape.

Enjoy A Rib-Tickling Gameplay

In this game, players take control of a white clay-like human figure which the game simply refers to as the “Human”. You may find yourself throwing rocks at other players and you can actually kill them with it! Sticks and stones will literally break bones in Human: Fall Flat. They may not have bones, but you get the idea.

While it seems fun to throw stones and maim other players, eliminating or killing your co-players is not the ultimate goal of the game. The main objective is for you to look for an exit door on every level.

Each round consists of diverse environments and landscapes, and you need to go to the edge of the map and find an exit to jump through so you can proceed to the next level. That’s not going to be easy. Have we mentioned that the entire map is one massive labyrinth that is floating off the sky? Well, yes it is.

As you already know, the game takes physics into play. Since the “Humans” are all soft and wobbly, it’s not going to be an easy ride. To give you an idea, it will be like controlling a drunken wobbly clay man with almost zero arms and body coordination.

Hilarity Ensues

To solve the puzzling levels, coordinated efforts are required to bend down, grab items, hold on to ledges, ride boats, and more. The controls are rather simple and easy to remember. The left and right triggers are for the left and right arms, respectively. Holding a specific trigger will allow you to grab something in front of you with that arm.

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The character’s attempt to get a hold of something with its flailing arms will have you rolling on the floor with how hilarious it looks with its struggling moves. Controlling your human can prove quite tricky, but it’s also the reason why the game is so comically entertaining and satisfying.

Manic Co-op & Multiplayer Mode

This feature is the best thing about the game. The multiplayer mode allows for up to 8 players to share all the fun and silliness in every level. You and your friends can navigate the surreal floating puzzlescapes of the game together and try to perform coordinated acts together. The more players, the more frenzied the game would be!

Creating Game Sessions

Players have the option of creating private and public lobbies where other players online can join in. Public lobbies will allow random players to find and join your game. Creating the match yourself will allow you to select the number of allowable participants, and set up the voice chat options.

Since the game allows multiplayer sessions, it would be difficult to navigate if you and your friends all look like white wobbly humans. Hence, customizing your character is a must. Make your marshmallow man stand out with ridiculous suits or funny looking headdresses!

human fall flat gameplay


Gameplay Variety

Unfortunately, Human: Fall Flat “falls flat” in terms of gameplay variety. Once players finish off all levels, there’s nothing much to do in the game. While old players can replay the levels and just act as a nuisance to newer players, the silliness just gets old pretty fast. The developers need to add more variety and surprises to engage players longer.


Human: Fall Flat is a direct, simple, and fun online multiplayer game that will have you rolling on the floor with its silly premise. The game offers levels of fun and frenzy that you can enjoy with friends and random players online. However, other than completing and exiting all of its levels, there’s nothing much to look forward to in this game. But if you are just looking for some quick, casual gaming fun with friends, Human: Fall Flat is a nice game to try out!

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