Janna Wild Rift Champion – The Best Build, Runes & Items Guide

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Posted on July 19, 2022

When you look at support champions in League of Legends Wild Rift, they usually play the role of crowd control, setting up enemies for an ambush, or buffing teammates. But with this champion, you can do both. We’re referring to Janna Wild Rift. She’s a support mage that can provide both crowd control and buff to her teammates. Therefore, making her one of the best support champions that you can use in LoL Wild Rift.

But what are the best items for Janna in Wild Rift? What’s the best build for her? Who are the Janna counters in Wild Rift? Let’s discuss all of these things in this Janna guide Wild Rift.

Janna Wild Rift Guide

Janna The Storm’s Fury is wind-based mage support in LoL Wild Rift. She’s not difficult to use, which makes her a great champion to use for beginners. Additionally, she’s a good hero in the early up to the late game, so she can be paired with any champion. Let’s discuss more of Janna skills in Wild Rift below.

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Tailwind – Passive

Janna’s first ability in Wild Rift is Tailwind, which is her passive ability. The champion will passively gain a movement speed bonus. The beauty of this passive is that nearby allies will also gain the bonus when they’re moving toward her. Furthermore, it’s a great ability for escaping as the extra movement speed can mean the difference between enemies catching you and your teammates or not.

Howling Gale – 1st Skill

The second ability of Janna is Howling Gale. It’s Janna’s first skill in Wild Rift and she creates a small storm around her that becomes bigger over time. When she activates the skill once again, the storm will fly towards the direction it was cast, dealing damage to enemies on its path and knocking them in the air. So it’s her crowd control skill and should be the last one to be developed.

Zephyr – 2nd Skill

The third ability is Zephyr and is the second skill of Janna in Wild Rift. The champion will summon an air elemental that will passively increase her movement speed. Activating it again will shoot the air elemental towards the target and deal damage while slowing down enemies. However, take note that the passive increase in movement speed is gone while the skill is on cooldown. It’s another crowd control skill of Janna and is the second one you should develop.

Eye of the Storm – 3rd Skill

Her fourth ability is Eye of the Storm, which is Janna’s third skill and it’s the most important one of all. Janna will summon a defensive gale that can shield an ally champion or a turret from incoming damage for a period. Additionally, champions inside the gate get a buff as it increases their Attack Damage. Therefore, it’s the skill you need to develop first and is the one that you’ll use the most.

Moonson – Ultimate

Moonson is Janna’s fifth ability and it’s her ultimate skill. She will summon a magical storm that will surround an area. The storm will push back enemies and heal allies inside the storm. It’s a skill that can help turn the tide during team fights if it’s done right. Now that you have an idea of Janna’s skills in Wild Rift, let’s now discuss the best builds for her.

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Image Source: Janna Wild Rift Gameplay


Best Janna Wild Rift Build

Since Janna will be reliant on her skills, the best items for Janna Wild Rift should provide ability haste, mana, and some health. These will allow Janna to use her skills as much as possible as it will shorten while also having some survivability. For this build, her core items would be Staff of Flowing Water and Harmonic Echo for ability haste, ability power, and mana. Finally, completing her core items is the Ardent Censer for more ability haste and ability power plus some health.

For the boost, go for the Redeeming equipment to provide more healing. Completing the Janna Wild Rift build is Athena’s Unholy Grail for more ability hates and ability power, plus some magic resists and Rabadon’s Deathcap for more ability power. For Janna runes in Wild Rift, go for Aery for an additional shield and Weakness to further weaken the enemy. After that, go for Hunter – Titan for more health and Hunter – Genius for more ability haste.

As for the summoner’s spell to use, there’s the Flash for more movement speed and Heal for more healing for you and your most wounded ally. However, you can change Heal to Ignite if your duo already took the Heal spell.

janna wild rift build


Tips For Playing Janna Wild Rift

As mentioned earlier, Janna is a good champion whether it’s in the early-game, mid-game, or late-game. Just make sure you will accompany your team’s AD Carry since that’s the best role for Janna. You help your team’s carry to develop and become stronger, providing healing or protection whenever necessary. Your main role is to keep your AD Carry alive as much as possible since that’s your team’s main source of damage.

As for the Janna counters in Wild Rift, be wary of champions such as Sona, Nami, Hecarim, Sivir, Diana, and Blitzcrank. These are champions that she is weak against so be smart when you’re fighting against any of these champions.

So this wraps our Janna Wild Rift champion builds, runes, and item guide. Be on the lookout for more champion guides only here in Games.lol. In the meantime, make sure to play League of Legends Wild Rift on your PC for free!


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