Jinx Wild Rift Champion Build, Runes & Items Guide

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Posted on June 2, 2022

League of Legends (LoL) Wild Rift is a fun and exciting multiplayer strategy MOBA game that you can play right now. What makes a MOBA game fun are the characters that you can play and one of them is Jinx a Wild Rift starter champion. She’s a marksman in the game and is commonly played in the Dragon Lane. But is Jinx a good champion? How do you properly build her? Who is the Jinx counter in Wild Rift? Let’s discuss more in this guide.

A Comprehensive Wild Rift Jinx Guide

As mentioned earlier, Jinx is a marksman who’s best utilized in the Dragon Lane of the map. As a marksman, she’s a ranged champion and is usually good at dealing damage. That’s why Jinx is also considered a carry, which is a term used for the team’s main damage dealer. Thus, making her a great starter champion for beginners since all you have to do is to focus on killing the opposing team’s champions or dealing good amounts of damage. Let’s now discuss Jinx Wild Rift skills, so you’ll know how to properly use them.

If you’ve played MOBA games before, then you won’t have a problem adjusting to LoL Wild Rift when it comes to the champion’s skills. There are 5 abilities, 4 active skills, and 1 passive skill.

jinx wild rift build
Image Source: Arcane Jinx Gameplay


Get Excited Passive Skill

When a champion or structure dies or is taken down that Jinx has damaged within the last 3 seconds, she gets 150% decaying Movement Speed and 15% Total Attack Speed. These added boosts last for 6 seconds.

Switcheroo 1st Active Skill

This ability, as the name would suggest, allows Jinx to use other types of guns in her arsenal. Each gun provides different abilities that players can utilize. Furthermore, it’s the skill that you should max out first. The different guns are:

  • Swaps weapons Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher – Deals 110% damage to target enemies around it and gains 75 attack range.
  • Pow-Pow, the Minigun – Gets an Attack Speed bonus of 10% for each attack for 3 seconds. The ability stacks for up to 3 times, for a total of a 30% Attack Speed bonus. The stacks will disappear one at a time, and will benefit the first attacked from the fishbones.

Zap 2nd Active Skill

The second skill is a damage skill. Jinx will fire a blast that can deal (10+160% AD) to the first enemy it hits. The skill also grants vision of the enemy and slows it down by 30% for 2 seconds. This is the second skill that you should max out.

Flame Chompers 3rd Active Skill

Flame Chompers is another damage skill, but instead of firing it, it can be used to set up traps. Jinx uses three chompers that will be armed after a short delay. The chompers will explore after it makes contact with a champion, dealing (70+100% AP). It also slows down a champion’s dashes and roots them for 1.3 seconds. Moreover, Chompers will last for 5 seconds and after that, they’ll explode automatically if no champions set them off. You level up this skill after maxing out skills 1 and 2.

Super Mega Death Rocket 4th Skill (Ultimate)

The most powerful skill that Jinx has is the Super Mega Death Rocket. She fires a huge rocket that gains damage as it accelerates. It will explode once it hits an enemy champion and deals Physical Damage (25+15% bonus AD to 250 +150% bonus AD) and 25% of their missing health. Nearby enemies are not safe since they also receive 80% of the damage dealt with the first enemy champion it hits. Therefore, level up this skill whenever possible.

jinx wild rift skills
Image Source: Jinx Wild Rift Skills


Jinx Wild Rift Best Build

Now that we’ve discussed the Jinx Wild Rift skills, let’s now discuss how she should be built. It’s important to remember that as a marksman, Jinx build in Wild Rift should focus more on damage. A damage build is usually a standard for marksmen since that’s their main role, to be a primary or secondary damage dealer of the team. Aside from damage items, Jinx build in Wild Rift will also benefit from Attack Speed items.

  • For her core items, Jinx needs Stormrazor, Infinity Edge, and Statikk Shiv (for Attack Speed).
  • For the boots, you can go with Gluttonous Greaves for some Physical Vamp. Once you have the core items, you can add 1 more damage item like Mortal Reminder and another Attack Speed item like Runaan’s Hurricane.
  • For the runes, there are 4 that you can use. There’s Lethal Tempo, Hunter-Vampirism, Hunter-Titan, and Sweet Tooth.


jinx wild rift gameplay
Image Source: Jinx Wild Rift Gameplay


  • Lethal Tempo should be your main rune as that added burst of Attack Speed and damage will help greatly during battles.
  • For the minor runes, there’s Hunter-Vampirism and Hunter-Titan for added survivability.
    Sweet Tooth is another good rune to use for added health and mana. Since Jinx’s build concentrates more on damage, her runes should concentrate more on survivability.
  • Lastly, for the summoner spell, you can go for Flash for escaping or for going in to attack. Barrier should be the second skill for added survivability. Just make sure to use it when you’re about to take damage.

Tips For Playing Jinx in LoL

It’s important to remember that Jinx is not good in the early game, so your goal should be to focus on farming for your core items. You can use Switcheroo to poke enemies. However, your goal is to farm your core items. Once you have your core items, you can now participate in team fights and make use of your ultimate to take down enemy champions.

As a marksman, positioning is important, so make sure you’re not in the middle of the battle. Use Jinx’s range to deal damage from a distance. Also, Jinx is weak against Tristana, Draven, and Corki.

You can see that Jinx is a great champion to play in LoL Wild Rift. Whether you’re a beginner or not, you’ll enjoy playing Jinx in Wild Rift. So try playing the game now by downloading it here in Games.lol!


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