League of Legends Wild Rift: 6 Important Things to Remember

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Posted on March 11, 2021

League of Legends: Wild Rift finally came to the handheld devices in October 2020. As of this writing, more people now have access to the game, resulting in more than 5 million players daily. Those numbers rival the likes of Call of Duty Mobile and Mobile Legends. So, if you never have any idea what Wild Rift is or have taken interest in the whole competitive MOBA scene, allow us to help you get a bigger picture of what it is.

1. Wild Rift is NOT Just a Portable Version of League of Legends

Many people misconceive LoL Wild Rift as nothing but the same version of the PC but on mobile devices. No, it is not. In fact, it is completely different. Wild Rift is a much more streamlined experience and absolutely zero involvement with the PC version. Moreover, this game is much faster and quicker to finish.

The controls are also much different from the PC edition. Plus, some champions have tweaked versions of their skills. For example, Ashe’s ultimate ability can be controlled while in motion, Evelyn’s charm has a mini camera on the side for you to see how your target is doing, and Garen’s ult lets him leap to his target.

There are also plenty of missing options in the game too. However, that is because Riot Games want to gradually add more content as the years go by in Wild Rift.

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2. LOL Wild Rift Does Not Cross-Play With its PC Counterpart

Just like we’ve previously said, Wild Rift is not directly correlated with the PC edition. Therefore, if you play Wild Rift, you play with Wild Rift players only. The same goes for PC players. Although, if you do play Wild Rift on PC, you can still connect with the handheld players. Just make sure you’re not using the main PC version.

3. Champion Stats & Runes are Completely Different

Whatever you know about Ahri’s overall stats or Yasuo’s peak damage in the original PC game, forget about all of that in Wild Rift. This is to adjust to the game’s smaller map and faster item building.

The same goes for runes. Stuff like Conqueror, Press the Attack, and Grasp of the Undying are also completely different in Wild Rift. Some may argue that they are worse than in the PC edition. However, that is an unfair comparison since this is a completely different game.

Currently, not all the champions from the PC version are included in Wild Rift. They are still gradually getting added to the game for the next 5 years. Although, it still baffles us that the newer champions join the fray first than many of the original champions.

4. Champion Skin Purchases on PC Don’t Carry Over to Wild Rift

If you’ve invested so much on the PC version of League of Legends, consider all those purchased skins absent in Wild Rift. The skins in the pocket version are revamped and arguably more detailed than the PC version. If you want them, you have to pay for them. Therefore, suckers of KDA or K-pop in general (usually those that don’t main Ahri, Evelynn, Akali, Kai’Sa, or Seraphine) will still buy the skins on the two games. Twice. Hehe, K-pop reference.

Also, most of the champions have a total of just 2 to 3 additional skins. Riot Games promised to add more of the PC edition skins into Wild Rift but you will still have to pay for those.

Fortunately enough, you can still earn them for free through some of their game challenges that you need to complete.

Wild Rift Game Controls
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5. More Simplified Controls

It is obvious that Riot Games wanted to have that piece of the pie with Mobile Legends and try to lure in its players to Wild Rift. That means the controls are quite similar to Mobile Legends, giving you a more streamlined experience than League on PC. While the mainstream players have no arguments here, we do wish they went for a more competitive approach and used the same touch controls as Vainglory. Why can’t we have more MOBA games with that kind of controls?

6. The Esports Scene is Entirely Different

You won’t find League PC and Wild Rift players in one room. These are two completely different Leagues (get it?) competing in very different games. One is more strategic than the other, while the latter is much quicker to watch and play than the original. Whatever esports league you choose is totally up to you, though.

Get Ready for a True Competitive MOBA Game

We have yet to see a portable DotA 2 version or a handheld Heroes of the Storm. But for now, the true competitive MOBA has finally arrived on mobile devices. Many speculate that the arrival of Wild Rift could mean the end of Mobile Legends. Nevertheless, only time will tell.

Don’t forget to try out Wild Rift on PC for free!

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