Lux Wild Rift Champion Build, Runes, & Item Guide

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Posted on July 3, 2022

If you are looking for a competitive and exciting game to play, then League of Legends Wild Rift is the key. It’s a multiplayer MOBA game that’s developed and published by Riot Games. What makes LoL Wild Rift such an exciting MOBA are the different characters that you can use. And one of them is Lux, a mage/support that’s very easy to use. Aside from being easy to use, Lux in Wild Rift also provides decent crowd control and protection for teammates.

LoL Wild Rift Lux gameplay

She’s a great mage/support that can be used in many situations. To make sure you will properly use her, this blog post will be a Lux Wild Rift guide. We’ll provide tips and information regarding Lux’s Wild Rift abilities, as well as the best build for the support champion.

Lux Wild Rift Guide

Lux, The Lady of Luminosity, is a mage class champion in LoL Wild Rift. She is best used in the support lane since Lux’s Wild Rift abilities allow her to trap enemies and provide some protection to teammates. Lux can even deal decent magic damage, which makes her an annoying hero to deal with. Let’s discuss her abilities in more detail to see how great she is.

Lux Widl Rift Gameplay
Image Source: LoL Wild Rift Lux Gameplay


Illumination Passive

Lux’s first ability in Wild Rift is Illumination. It is her passive skill that charges enemies for 5 seconds when they’re hit with her damaging spells. When Lux attacks again, the charge will ignite, dealing bonus magic damage to the target.

Light Binding 1st Skill

The second ability of Lux in Wild Rift is Light Binding. This is her crowd control ability where she will release a sphere of light that will bind up to two enemy units. While the enemies are bound, they will also receive damage from the sphere of light. This is a great skill for setting up enemies and is the second ability that you should focus on.

Prismatic Barrier 2nd Skill

Lux’s third ability in Wild Rift is the Prismatic Barrier. This is her protection skill as Lux will throw her wand and bends light around any friendly target that it touches. Teammates that are coated in the light will be protected from enemy damage.

This is the primary skill that you should be leveling up since this is her main support skill. However, this is the third skill that you need to learn, but after that, it should take priority when it comes to development.

Lucent Singularity 3rd Skill

The fourth ability of Lux in Wild Rift is Lucent Singularity. This is Lux’s main damage-dealing skill other than the Ultimate. The champion will fire an anomaly of twisted light to an area and slows down nearby enemies.

Lux can detonate the light and deal damage to enemies within the area. This is the first skill you need to learn but it should be the las–t priority for development (if you’ll go for full support). For damage build, this should be the priority.

Final Spark Ultimate

Lux’s ultimate in Wild Rift is Final Spark. The champion will gather energy and then release that beam of light that will deal damage to all targets in an area. The ultimate will also trigger Lux’s passive ability, which will refresh the illumination duration of the debuff, allowing you to trigger it. You level up this skill whenever possible. Now that you have an idea of Lux’s Wild Rift abilities, let’s discuss her best builds.

Best Lux Build in Wild Rift

There are two ways to build Lux and it will depend if you’ll use her on the mid-lane or support lane. If you use her on the mid-lane, then her core items are Ludens Echo and Awakened Soulstealer for ability power, mana, and ability haste. You complete her core with Rabadons Deathcap for more ability power.

Lux Wild Rift Build Category
Image Source: Lux Wild Rift Build

You then complete this build with Void Staff for more ability power and the Infinity Orb for additional health and more ability power. Ionian Boots of Lucidity are the go-to boots for added ability haste.

Lux Wild Rift Build

  • If you prefer to go to the support lane, then your core items are Ardent Censer and Harmonic Echo. Both provide increased ability power and ability haste with Ardent Censer increasing your health while Harmonic Echo increasing your mana.
  • You complete the build with Protector’s Vow for added ability haste, health, and armor. Then the build is completed with Ludens Echo and Rabadons Deathcap for added damage. For boots, go with Ionian Boots of Lucidity for added ability haste.
  • Also, there are two builds you can go for. For the mid-lane build, use Electrocute and Brutal for damage, and then Second Wind and Manaflow Band for additional health and mana.
  • For the support lane build, use Aery for attacking enemies or shielding allies, and Weakness for additional crowd control and debuff. Complete it with Loyalty and Pack Hunter for the added buff to allies.
  • Completing the Wild Rift Lux build would be the Summoner spells. Go for Flash or Ignite. Now that you know how to build Lux, we’ll provide some tips for using her in LoL Wild Rift.

How To Play Lux in Wild Rift

Lux is very easy to learn and master. The only confusion about this hero is whether you’ll go damaged or support build. She is good at harassing enemies throughout the game, especially after getting her core items. So, focus on getting your items first but you can participate in team fights when needed. Once you have all the core items, you can start harassing and dominating your lane.

In terms of Lux counters in Wild Rift, be wary of Aurelion Sol, Yasuo, and Gragas. These are the three champions that can give Lux problems. So, play defensively if you’re against these champions on your lane. Otherwise, you can be a bit aggressive. Lux in Wild Rift is a great champion to use. You just need to make sure you have the right items for the role you plan for her.


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