Maple Story M – All You Need to Know About Monster Mashers

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Posted on August 21, 2018

The hoblin monsters are invading MapleStory M! Who do you call? Monster Mashers! If you haven’t read the patch notes yet, here’s an easy-to-read guide for you to know all about Monster Mashers!

These monsters are planning to run over the entire MapleStory M World! In order to stop them, you and your friends need to form alliances to beat them before they carry out their evil plans! MAXIMUM 4 people in each party, only Level 80 and above can enter (this scares us because Zakum/Horntail requires levels 70 and above to enter… But then again, at least you can bring up the party to 10 people!)

Get Ready to Mash the MapleStory M Monster Mashers

Destroy the totems that contain the Monster King’s wicked power – all four of them – so that you can weaken them considerably. Each totem carries 20% of the Monster King’s power. There are 4 of these totems, so you need to destroy 80% of their powers. Of course, 20% is their own strength – and it’s not a small number! Also, the totems will reactivate after you’ve deactivated them. Read on!

Essential Details

  1. You must be level 80 and above to enter
  2. Maximum party count of four members
  3. Totem destroyer will be randomly chosen, so don’t be upset if it’s someone not as strong as you are.
  4. Maximum of 3 daily entrance tickets will be distributed

What do these totems look like?

They look like the ones you see in the daily dungeon – those floating-like icebergs locked up with chains. Except that they are darker in color, and glowing with purple hues! Whatever it is, beguiling or ugly, they need to be destroyed.

Here’s the catch, though. Only one member of the maximum 4-member party will be able to deactivate the totems. He/she will be randomly chosen – so try to get all strong members into the party (105 and above) if you can.

What happens when you deactivate the totems?

  • Normal totem – nothing happens
  • Kill Count Totem – will be counted as two totems deactivated when deactivated.
  • Time Buff Totem – The play time will be extended when deactivated.
  • Fever Buff Totem – Fever gauge for all members will be filled when deactivated.

The totems are listed respectively in this order: 1= normal totem, 2 = Kill count totem, 3 = time buff totem, 4= fever buff totem.

Maple Story M Totems

After the assigned member (with a totem icon on top of his/her head) deactivates the totems, the totems will be reactivated 20 seconds after deactivation. Upon reactivation, the monster becomes 20% stronger again. So within the window of deactivating Rex’s totem(s), your team members have got to hurry it up and launch all attacks to KILL him!

About Boss Monster Rex

He’s this green Goblin-ogre with an oversized head sitting on an undersized-but-fierce-looking-hyena. Keep defeating him! There will be a boss monster count each time you kill him, and he will be revived in 1 second. Don’t stop killing him until the time is up – you’re given two minutes.

Hoblin Monster Rex


Good news, you can auto-battle in here

Rejoice, you can auto-battle in this dungeon! If you’re not assigned to destroy the totems, you can’t, whether you auto-battle or not. But if you’re assigned to do so, your primary focus during auto-battle is to destroy those totems! After you’re done with deactivating the totems, you can attack Boss Monster Rex! Even better news – this auto-battling will not be using your auto-battle counter!



monster mashers rewards


Clear Rewards (Clear once)

  • “Red Earring Piece” will instantly be delivered to your inbox based on the Rex kill counts and Totem kill counts after you’ve cleared Monster Mashers.

Weekly Clear Rewards (1 week)

  • “Blue Earring Piece” will be delivered to your inbox based on the number of Rex kills you’ve achieved in a week.
  • Weekly rewards will be delivered at 00:00 (server time) on Mondays

Hoblin Exchange

  • You can purchase special items at Hoblin Exchange using Red/Blue Earring Pieces
  • Hoblin Exchange Location
    • Location 1: Dungeon > Monster Mashers > Hoblin Exchange
    • Location 2: Three-Bar Settings > Shop > Hoblin Exchange

Let’s start smashing and mashing the monsters today! Download and play MapleStory M on PC today!

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