Miss Fortune Wild Rift Champion – Build, Runes & Items Guide

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Posted on July 24, 2022

One of the fun things about MOBA games is the competitive nature of it, especially the part where you and your opponents try to get as many kills or takedowns as possible. This applies to all MOBA games, including League of Legends Wild Rift. Now, to outwit your opponents effectively, you need to use the right champion. Well, one of the champions with the highest AD in all of the carries in LoL Wild Rift is Miss Fortune. She is a marksman and is usually used as the team’s carry.

But do you know how to properly use Miss Fortune in Wild Rift?, What’s the best build for her, and who are the champions you should be wary against? If you are still unsure about all these matters, we’ll discuss them in this blog post, so let’s begin.

Miss Fortune Wild Rift Guide

Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter, is a marksman with one of the highest AD among all the carries in LoL Wild Rift. Unlike many marksman champions, you can play her aggressively in the beginning. To know more about her, let’s discuss her abilities in more detail here.

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Love Tap Passive

Her first ability is the Love Tap, which is her passive skill. Whenever Miss Fortune performs a basic attack on a new target, this skill allows her to deal extra physical damage to enemies. . This is one of the main reasons why she is a powerful AD. If used properly, she can be a nightmare to deal with in team fights.

Double Up 1st Skill

The second ability you can use is the Double Up, which is also the first skill of Miss Fortune in Wild Rift. The Double Up skill allows the champion marksman to fire a bullet that damages an enemy and critically strikes a target behind that enemy. It has an Applies on-hit effect. To maximize your gameplay as you harass, and takedown enemies, it is recommended to develop this skill first.

Strut 2nd Skill

The third ability of Miss Fortune in Wild Rift is the Strut. It’s her second skill that you should focus too, as it has many perks. Usually, if you utilize this skill, the champion will passively gain movement speed when she’s not attacked. You can also activate it to grant Miss Fortune bonus attack speed for a short period. While this skill is on cooldown, using Love Tap will reduce the remaining cooldown of this ability.

Make It Rain 3rd Skill

The fourth ability is Make it Rain, the last skill you should develop in the game. Here, she will unveil an area with a flurry of bullets that can disperse a great detriment to opponents and slows them down. You can use this skill to reveal enemies if they are hiding in a bush. It’s

Bullet Time Ultimate

Bullet Time is the fifth ability and is the champion’s ultimate skill. Miss Fortune will fire a barrage of bullets into a cone in front of her. It is called the ultimate skill because of its ability to inflict massive damage to enemies caught within. Each wave of Bullet Time can also critically strike opponents, thus inflicting more damage.

Best Miss Fortune Build in Wild Rift

To fully maximize what Miss Fortune has to offer, her items should focus more on attack damage and ability haste. For her core items, you need to have Serylda’s Grudge and Manamune for attack damage and ability haste. The Manamune also provides added mana since she uses a lot of it. Completing the core item is the Serrated Dirk, which gives additional attack damage and armor penetration.

Miss Fortune Build in Wild Rift
Image Source: Miss Fortune Build in Wild Rift

To complete her build, you will need the Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge for additional attack power and critical strike chance. You also need to equip the Edge of Night for more attack damage and additional health. For the boots, you can go with the Protobelt, for more skills that can deal massive damage. While, for the best runes for Miss Fortune in Wild Rift, you can opt for Conqueror for extra damage as you use your abilities and gain stacks. You should also get the Hunter–Vampirism for physical vamp and some added sustain during fights.

The last two Runes would be Hunter–Titan for more health gain, and Manaflow Band for more Mana. This rune is good with the Make it Rain skill. When choosing what Summoner Spells to use, you can opt for Flash and Barrier. Barrier gives you a shield to help survive team fights more.

Tips for Playing Miss Fortune in Wild Rift

As mentioned, you need to be aggressive when you use Miss Fortune and take advantage of her early damage. This can help push lanes and keep opponents on their toes. The scary thing about this champion is that her damage tends to scale well, which means she’s still a beast even in the late game, especially after getting her core items.

When it comes to the heroes to be wary of, it is recommended to be careful with Jinx, Tristana, and Draven. These heroes have a chance of beating Miss Fortune 1-on-1, so don’t be too overconfident when playing against them.


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