Mobile Legends Best Heroes In Each Class For 2021

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Posted on December 27, 2021

One of the things that many people enjoy about Mobile Legends is the awesome and cool heroes available to use. There are currently 111 heroes available in the game and that number will continue to grow as Moonton continues to introduce new heroes.

Each hero will belong to at least 1 class, Assassin, Fighter, Marksman, Mage, Support, and Tank with some of them even belonging to 2 classes. With many heroes available, who among them is the best one to use in this MOBA? Well, that’s what this blog is all about as we discuss the best Mobile Legends to use in each class this December 2021.

The Best Mobile Legends Heroes in Each Class

There are many different heroes available for you to use in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Though all of them are powerful and can help you win if used right, there are still heroes that clearly stand out. These are the heroes that are hard to deal with and can help you dominate battles if you use them.

Even if you are not an expert on using these heroes, you just need to know their basics and you can do well in the game. They’re the heroes that should be a priority pick or banned in ranked matches. Each class would have these meta heroes available. And in this section, we’ll look at the best heroes you can play in each class.

The Best Assassin in MLBB

The assassin heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are usually the main DPS in the team and often play the jungler role. They specialize in killing enemy heroes, entering fights, bursting enemies, and then leaving. Most assassins are melee heroes and are very strong early on. But they are able to sustain the damage as the game progresses. The best assassins currently to use in MLBB are Saber, Benedetta, Aamon, Hayabusa, Lancelot, and Selena.

Not only are these heroes very strong, but they also don’t have a steep learning curve. You do need to practice them and know their proper usage. But you don’t have to do hundreds of hours of gameplay just to be effective with these assassins.

mobile legends benedetta assassin
Mobile Legends Assassin Benedetta


The Best Fighter in MLBB

Fighters are all-around heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. They’re very flexible, usually possessing good offense and defense. Many of the fighters in this MOBA can play a variety of roles, including as a jungler, tank, and side laner. They may not have good damage early on, but their damage scales. Most fighters also have good sustain, allowing them to last longer in fights. The best fighters to use in the game right now are Paquito, X-Borg, Aulus, Chou, Jawhead, Sun, Roger, and Phoveus.

These are very strong fighters and can be used in different roles in the game. In terms of the learning curve, only Chou requires lots of practice for you to master. But even without mastering him, you can still use him properly as long as you know how his skills work.

The New ML hero Paquito
Mobile Legends Fighter Paquito


The Best Mage in MLBB

The mages are the team’s primary magic damage dealer. They are usually ranged heroes and rely mostly on their skills for their damage. Their primary role on a team is to defend the mid-lane while also assisting the side lane or jungler in ganking enemies. Some mages can also play the role of jungler if needed. The best mages to use right now are Alice, Valentina, Yve, Vale, Luo-Yi, Esmeralda, Eudora, Kagura, Harley, and Zhask.

Mages are one of the relatively easy-to-learn heroes in MLBB. Since most of them are ranged heroes, you just need to learn how their skills work and aim it properly and you’re all set. Positioning will be important here since mages have low health and defense.

Mobile Legends Yve Astrowarden
Mobile Legends Mage Yve


The Best Marksman in MLBB

The marksman can be the team’s main DPS and lane pusher, especially in the end game. They’re ranged damage dealers but require certain items to be very effective. There are exceptions, but most marksmen come alive towards the mid until the end game. The best marksman to use right now is Natan, Beatrix, Granger, Brody, Wanwan, Bruno, Miya, and Hanabi.

They’re also not that hard to learn just like the mages. Since they’re also ranged heroes, the positioning will be important. Unlike mages, though, marksmen don’t necessarily just rely on their skills to deal damage. Their basic attacks are also deadly, so incorporating them in combos is important.

mobile legends marksman beatrix
Mobile Legends Marksman Beatrix


The Best Tank in MLBB

Tanks play a very important role in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. They not only protect the damage dealer (usually jungler or marksman), but they’re also in charge of initiating fights. Many tanks possess skills that have crowd control, allowing them to set up team fights and provide your team with an advantage. The best tanks currently available in MLBB are Khufra, Atlas, Tigreal, Gatotkaca, Hylos, Gloo, Barats, and Franco.

Barats is actually a special tank since he can also play the jungler role effectively. Tanks also require practice to play properly. You also need to have great game awareness since you will be roaming a lot throughout the game.

Mobile Legends Gloo
Mobile Legends Tank Gloo


The Best Support in MLBB

Last, but certainly not least, are the support heroes. As the name of their class suggests, they are heroes that support the team’s main damage dealer. Their skills usually possess great crowd control, as well as healing and buff for teammates. The best support heroes available right now are Mathilda, Floryn, Diggie, and Rafaela. Rafaela can also play as a tank in certain team compositions because of her skills.

Supports are also not that hard to learn since their skills are simple. What you need to do is to learn proper timing on when skills should be used. Proper usage of a support’s skills can mean a teammate or your entire team winning a team fight or surviving one.

Mobile Legends Support Mathilda
Mobile Legends Support Mathilda


Final Thoughts

There are many more heroes available to use in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. And as mentioned above, all of them are powerful and can be used to dominate matches. You just need to know how to properly use them and maximize their skills and abilities during matches. The ones mentioned on this list are just simply the best ones right now.

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