Nova Legacy Gameplay

NOVA Legacy: All Weapons, Character & Gameplay Elements

NOVA Legacy is a fast-paced, sci-fi first-person shooter that lets you wield an assortment of high tech weaponry against the Colonial Administration Forces. Let’s dive deeper into what’s in store for you once you have downloaded and booted up the game!

NOVA Legacy Gameplay Modes

There are two main game modes available in NOVA Legacy – the Multiplayer Mode and the Campaign Mode. Finally, some Online Events give you different treasures whenever you participate and complete given tasks. To better understand the differences between modes, we’ve prepared a brief explanation for each category:


NOVA Legacy PC Weapons


Multiplayer Modes

Multiplayer is an online feature of the game that lets you combat or team up with up to seven other players. There are two Multiplayer Game Modes that you can try – Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

Deathmatch pits you against seven other players. The objective is to be the last player standing! There are tons of weapons littered across the arena, and you have to pick yours and gun down your enemies until you are the sole survivor! Team Deathmatch is an exhilarating four-on-four battle that takes place on different maps. Similar to Deathmatch, weapons are waiting to be discovered around the arena, and you will have to coordinate with your teammates to win.

Campaign Mode

Campaign is a single-player game mode that lets you play through the game’s story arc. Playing this mode lets you uncover the story behind the human race’s fight against the invading aliens!! Moreover, you can play the Campaign Mode offline and use it to further hone your skills in preparation for Multiplayer Mode.


There are also Online Events that contain different tasks for you to complete. Rewards await upon successful completion. These events test your skills with the game’s different weapons, as well as your acumen for victory in the different Multiplayer Modes. Each game type you compete in grants you two in-game currencies in the form of Gold Coins and Trilithium. You can use these to unlock different skins and upgrade different suit cores to gain an advantage against other NOVA Marines!

Back into the Fray, Brave Soldier

The story of NOVA Legacy is set during the year 2050. A series of catastrophic wars after the events of Modern Combat 5 results in the Earth becoming a barren wasteland that can no longer sustain life. To ensure the survival of the human race, scientists and engineers created massive satellites called Near Orbitals that serve as habitation sectors for humanity. These satellites orbit around the Earth, while the scientists are looking for possible solutions to make our former home liveable again.

However, a sudden surge of alien races has threatened to wipe out the last traces of humanity. These races include the Xenos, the Judgers, and Volterites. To combat them, the remaining human survivors created the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (NOVA). The NOVA Forces have developed state of the art Mobile Armored Suits. Each marine is given full authorization to use these suits in defense of the Near Orbitals as well as tactical missions against the nefarious alien invaders.

You will be taking control of Kal Wardin, a veteran NOVA marine who is known for his exceptional combat and battle prowess. He specializes in fighting against the adversaries of the Colonial Administration Forces. He is exceptional once he wears his Mobile Armored Suit, capable of withstanding enemy fire and taking down multiple targets.

Take Advantage of The State of the Art Weaponry

Whether it’s Multiplayer or Campaign, the main draw of the NOVA Legacy gameplay is in its awesome and high tech weaponry. You’ll have many weapons at your disposal, but you’ll also need to practice if you hope to stand against your enemies. Here are some of the weapons and armor that you can encounter and use throughout the game:

Melee Weapons

These weapons are perfect for NOVA Marines who like to execute enemies up close and personal. These include the standard Melee Disc that looks like a buzzsaw and the Katana that lets you cut enemies down to size. That said, melee weapons are hard to master since your opponents are armed with different ranged weapons. But once you manage to dispatch enemies with a melee hit, it feels like a great accomplishment.

Assault Rifle

Assault rifles are your common firearms for most of the Campaign missions and some of the Multiplayer matches. These weapons have excellent firing rate, damage, and magazine clips. In the right hands, assault rifles can burst down other players during Deathmatches with relative ease.

Sniper Rifle

If long-distance domination is your forte, the sniper rifle is your weapon of choice. These weapons allow you to scope out and shoot enemies from afar and is a fun gun to use in multiplayer. It has a slow firing rate, so you have to ensure you hit your target.


For those who want to take down enemies at close range, the shotgun is the weapon for you. Boasting high firepower, they spell instant death for those standing close to its barrel. That said, it has a relatively slow firing rate and medium ammo capacity.


These secondary weapons provide decent overall damage, firing rate, and ammo capacity. Handguns complement your primary weapon that should be whipped out when your main runs out of ammo. Moreover, you can dual wield some handguns for an added flair to your matches!

Plasma Gun

Plasma Guns have mediocre damage but more than makes up for it with a high firing rate and ammo capacity. These are excellent choices when going up against enemies in the Campaign Mode as well as in Multiplayer Mode.

Rocket Launcher

Finally, Rocket Launchers let you hit a ton of opponents for massive splash damage at medium to long-range. However, their firing rate is rather slow. So you will have to anticipate where your target will move and fire your shot close to that location for optimal results.

The NOVA Marine’s Armor Set

The Mobile Armored Suit is your standard infantry battle uniform. The Armor is made up of a helmet, shoulder and arm plates, armor gloves, body, and leg armor. Most Armored Suits are also fitted with jetpacks for more mobility. Suit Cores are attachments to your Mobile Armored Suit that grants different abilities. This includes increased movement speed, better shields, and other stat boosts. Choose the best suit core that fits well with your playstyle to get the best results during matches.

Pack Your Bags with Awesome Munitions

Finally, we have munitions. These are complementary equipment that allows you to get more advantages against opponents during matches. Munitions include Grenades, Energy Cells, Vanguard Armor, and Ammo Refills. Here’s a brief rundown on their uses:

    • Grenades are throwable items that explode after a couple of seconds. Throw them at multiple enemies to damage them from a distance.
    • Energy Cells restore your suit’s primary armor values. Collect them when you need some additional shielding to improve your survival.
    • Vanguard Armor bolsters your overall armor. This allows you to soak some more damage and it gives you a tactical advantage when storming into enemies.
    • Ammo Refills, as the name suggests, let you replenish your guns’ ammunition. Whenever you are running low, it is best to look for Ammo Refills to keep the fight going.

And there you have it – these are the features of NOVA Legacy gameplay. Playing the Campaign Mode first lets you get familiar with the different weapons and pickups, while Multiplayer Mode is the proving ground for your skills. Lock and load and fight the good fight for humanity by playing this awesome shooting game with your squad on PC!

Posted on December 20, 2020 by paofaraon