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    roblox free pc download

    Roblox: 5 Differences Between PC vs Version

    Okay, so you might be wondering why there’s the proper PC browser version and the version of Roblox.
    Posted on April 1, 2019
    slendrina the school

    New Casual Horror Games Coming Soon

    Throughout the years, we have been blessed with great horror games. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame System Shock, Dead Space, Slender, and Five Nights at Freddy’s as one of the few.
    Posted on March 17, 2019
    fighting games

    Are Fighting Games Really Hard?

    The Foundation of Competition MOBAs, FPS games, Battle Royales. These are the most trending multiplayer games today.
    Posted on March 5, 2019
    battle royale games

    Why are Battle Royale Games So Popular?

    If you have been in the big picture of gaming, you know that the Battle Royale multiplayer genre has infected millions upon millions of players worldwide. In fact, it’s one of the fast-growing categories in the multiplayer platform after the emergence of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) back in 2005 with DotA.
    Posted on March 2, 2019
    last day on earth download free

    Last Day on Earth Survival: Best Tips for Beginners

    Survival games are everywhere these days. They either come as a light-hearted casual experience with a deep enriching survival mechanics or as a grim grotesque game that immerses you into supreme vulnerability with complicated survival gameplay.
    Posted on February 18, 2019
    Granny Suprise Attack

    Granny Updates That You Need to Know

    If you haven’t been up to date with the horror game Granny or if you’ve been too scared to finish it, we’re letting you know right now there have been some major overhaul in the gameplay department. With a completely different way to escape the house, a new creepy visitor and a Slenderina easter egg […]
    Posted on February 11, 2019
    mobile legends layla

    Top 5 Mobile Legends Tips for Beginners

    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang took the casual multiplayer scene on a high note. Every day, millions of players log into the game via handheld.
    Posted on February 7, 2019
    harrypotter free pc download 1

    Expecto Premiumeum: The Mystery Behind the Hogwarts Mystery

    By that title, we mean Expect Premium – premium experience but with payments for premium We don’t need to sugarcoat you on this one: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is one of the most fun yet most frustrating magic games ever made. While it possesses everything you love about the Harry Potter franchise – the characters, the […]
    Posted on January 18, 2019
    Angrybirds free pc download

    Angry Birds Review 2019: Does the game still hold up?

    Angry Birds has been around for 10 years and it seems like it’s not going anywhere soon. With the gaming world constantly gets bigger and more games evolving, playing Angry Birds in 2019 still feels fresh and exciting.
    Posted on January 14, 2019
    top games 2018 mobile legends layla

    Top 10 Games of 2018

    Here at, we love spoiling our fans with games galore.
    Posted on January 11, 2019
    subway surfers download pc

    Subway Surfers: Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Still the Best Endless Runner Game

    If you stayed in the casual games circle for quite some time, you must have already heard about Subway Surfers. You know, that game that lets you play as a juvenile delinquent tagging the walls with graffiti until the security guard comes down chasing you.
    Posted on January 9, 2019
    survival forest survivor home builder tips

    Survival Forest: Survivor Home Builder – A Beginner’s Guide

    If you have no idea how to play survival games at all, yes, you will be eaten alive by some monstrosity in the land in less than 10 minutes in the game. Survival Forest: Survivor Home Builder is one such game that can be quite daunting if you don’t know what to do at all.
    Posted on December 24, 2018
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