Riot Celebrates the Arcane Animated Series with RiotX Arcane

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Posted on November 18, 2021

Riot Games has partnered with Netflix to create and release the Arcane animated series. It’s the first animated series that the gaming company has created. And to commemorate its launch, Riot introduced RiotX Arcane, a month-long occasion to celebrate the launching of the show. What’s great about the occasion is that the gaming company will have in-game and cross-media events to celebrate the show.

This would include League of Legends Arcane-themed features. It’s a great celebration full of exclusive items and skins that you can get. Let’s discuss more in this blog post.

What is the Arcane Animated Series?

Before we look at the Arcane-themed features you can enjoy, let’s first discuss what the Arcane animated series is. Riot Games and Netflix animated series, which is titled Arcane League of Legends, is a series that’s set in the popular game’s universe. It retells the story of the game’s most popular characters from Piltover and Zaun. Fans of the popular MOBA game will recognize many of their favorite heroes in the series.

The great thing about Arcane League of Legends is that you don’t have to play the game to understand and appreciate the show. Since it’s an origin story, you can learn about the lore of Runterra just from watching. So, you can appreciate the animated series even if you know nothing about League of Legends. It’s a story about two iconic heroes and a city that is on the brink of war. Now that you have a general idea of what Arcane League of Legends is, let’s discuss the new features in the game.

The League of Legends Arcane-themed Features

Riot Games immediately launched the RiotX Arcane to celebrate the arrival of their first animated series, Arcane League of Legends. Part of this month-long celebration would be Arcane-themed features that would come to the popular MOBA game. What features can you expect? Let’s discuss more in this section.

Arcane Missions

One of the Arcane-themed features that you can expect to come to League of Legends would be the Arcane Missions. They’re special missions that you can complete to earn exclusive Arcane skins of several characters. The event started on November 8 and will end on December 9. The first skin that you can win would be the Jaycee Champion Permanent skin and the Arcane Jaycee Skin. It becomes available on November 8.

On November 15, the Vi Champion Permanent skin and the Arcane Vi Skin become available for you to earn. Caitlyn’s 2 skins will become available on November 22 and Jinx’s skins can be earned starting November 28. To earn the skins, you only need to play 3 games or win 1 match. Once you do that, you can find the rewards in your Loot inventory. In case you miss out on the event, you can still purchase the skins for 975 RP starting December 9, 2021.

The Council Archives

Another Arcane-themed feature was made available in the Council Archives. It’s where you can dive deeper into the world of Arcane, as you get to explore the Plitover Council Archives. You’ll learn more about its history and beyond. In the archives, you get to read stories about a criminal with unknown allegiances, an inventor, an orphan desperate for attention, and an enforcer.

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Image Source: Arcane League of Legends

What’s great is that it’s an interactive experience where you can drag around the screen and click the untold stories of the characters. The content for the Council Archives is released periodically, following the schedule of the new batch of Arcane episodes. So, when new episodes arrive, go to the Council Archives and read the new content available.

Loot & Bundles Available

Aside from earning skins for free, Riot Games will also be putting out bundles for you to purchase. The main ones would be the Vi and Jaycee bundles. The great thing about the bundles is that they will contain their Champion skin, their Arcane icon, and some of the characters’ best skins. The developers will also put out the Arcane Capsule bundle, which includes 4 Prestige Points for 750 RP.

The bundle would include 3 random skin shards, it would multiply the Gemstone and Mythic Skin Permanent drop rates by 1.5, and it would provide a 3.5% chance of gaining an Arcane Inventor’s Grab Bag. The grab bag comes with 2 innovation skin shards (100% chance), 1 skin shard that’s worth 1350 RP or less, and a bonus chance to get 2 additional innovation skin shards (10% chance).

The Ultimate Spellbook Returns

The Ultimate Spellbook will return with the Into the Arcane edition from November 18 until January 10. It will come with more Ultimates for you to enjoy, including new ults from heroes. The Spellbook will also come with the debut of the Chemtech and Hextech Dragons. There will also be Arcane-themed map accents, as well as bug fixes to improve the game.

You can see how great the League of Legends Arcane-themed features will be. Not only will it allow you to further enjoy the Arcane League of Legends animated series, but you’ll also enjoy playing the popular MOBA game.

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