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Sniper Fury: Reasons Why The Game Is Good To Play on PC

First-person shooter games have always been fun and exciting. And there are tons of FPS titles that have been created since the dawn of gaming. They all have unique features and compelling gameplay. But one shooting game that stands out above the rest is Sniper Fury. You take on the role of a sniper fighting against global terror. You’re the ultimate hitman, playing in 3D battlefields full of exciting surprise attacks. Your mission is to kill every single enemy in sight.

As a sharpshooter, you need to use your skills to kill those who want to inflict terror. You’re deployed worldwide to destroy targets—all while using different guns made for expert marksmen like you. There are hundreds of weapons to collect, so make sure to upgrade your favorites and bring them on your next mission!

The game’s story may be simple but what truly makes it stand out are its gameplay and crisp graphics. It’s a thrilling adventure that incorporates great FPS elements along with some quality-of-life features. In fact, we’ve listed down the reasons why this free-to-play game is so good!

The User-Friendly Game Interface

At first, the game takes you into a series of tutorials to get yourself acquainted with the game and its controls. It’s a standard for any title to ease in their players and show them what they can expect. It will also guide you through upgrading your weapon and will tour you around the base. After you finish tutorials, you will be directed to the main menu where you’ll notice everything is neatly packed.


Sniper Fury: Reasons Why The Game Is Good To Play on PC

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It’s a simple yet crisp UI where you get to see the options without having to worry about unnecessary elements. You’re greeted with a shade of navy blue behind the texts and icons. Your energy, avatar gold, and currencies are all lined up at the top of the screen. While your mission options are placed at eye-level. It’s this awesome user interface design that makes it easy to navigate while marveling at the artwork in the background.

UI plays a vital role in any game title. Choosing the right design can make or break its theme. It also adds to the immersive experience. If the palette doesn’t match the title, then the illusion breaks. Sniper Fury lets you feel like you’re a professional sniper with its color palette and minimalistic UI. It sends the message that you’re all business and no terrorist would dare stand in your way. Moreover, you can connect your Gameloft account so you could keep a record of your in-game achievements and rewards.

The Beautiful Sharp-Shooting Gameplay

The proper UI design and the user-friendly interface only adds flavor to what truly matters. The gameplay is where Sniper Fury truly excels. Unlike most first-person shooter games, Sniper Fury truly lets you live the life of a modern assassin. Instead of diving into the middle of a battlefield and shooting everything in-sight, you’re given a list of targets. Then your task is to eliminate your marked opponents as efficiently, and as quietly as possible.


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Sniper Fury also runs a point-based system. The game will give you 10 points to start with, and each mission will cost you one energy point. The points will replenish over time, so don’t worry about not having enough on your next missions. Every objective you complete flawlessly will reward you with some money and experience points. You can use both to level up your weapons and sniping skills.

The developers also understand that it’s necessary to make the controls easy to understand but keep the gameplay’s challenging aspect. That’s why they used the tried-and-tested keymaps present in other FPS titles. But you can also customize it to your liking if you have a more personal preference. Take note that certain controls change when you use other weapons.

The Final Verdict On Sniper Fury

Despite its title, this game is more than just plucking enemies from afar with high-caliber weapons. Sniper Fury adds other game modes to keep it interesting. You can try Assault missions to see how well you can gun-down opponents using an automatic rifle. There’s also a multiplayer feature where you got to raid other players’ bases for resources. This is especially unique as this is an offline multiplayer game mode. Your task is to kill enemy thugs placed by another sniper to protect their base. Likewise, you’d also place NPC units to protect yours from potential threats.

There are other game modes as well like the 10-man multiplayer showdown and the clan war! This FPS title can keep you engaged for hours or weeks! It’s that good once you’ve got a taste of it. Top it all off with stunning 3D-graphics, you’ve got an FPS title that’ll get you hooked for hours! The slow-mo effect of the killing shot is a nice touch. If you want to know what it feels like to be a professional sniper, then you should try Sniper Fury on PC!

Posted on December 20, 2020 by paofaraon