What’s New in Patch 10.21 of Teamfight Tactics

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Posted on December 18, 2020

Riot Games recently dropped update version 10.21 on its iconic auto battler game Teamfight Tactics. Unlike most content drops or updates, patch 10.21 imposes balance changes across the board. This means that there will be changes in most of the characters and other elements in the game. With that said, if you are an avid player of Teamfight Tactics, then you should consider checking out the patch notes and see if it will affect your character’s performance.


The image below contains the list of the Fates affected by the recent update. As displayed in the photo, some fates are buffed or improved, nerfed or reduced, adjusted, reworked, and introduced a new addition to the game.


Teamfight Tactics Fates
Image from TeamFight Tactics


Among the champions that were improved were Teemo, Nidalee, and Kennen. Nerfed champions include Aphelios, Jax, Ahri, and Jhin.


The latest patch also includes adjustments for tier 1-5 champions. Let’s do a breakdown of each of the characters and their corresponding adjustments in patch 10.21.

Tier 1

For Tier 1 champions, Diana’s Orbs are adjusted to 4/5/6/9 instead of 4/5/6/10. Elise’s Health Restore on Attack is also altered to 40/80/160 from 40/80/120. Aside from that, Nidalee’s Javelin Toss Damage Bonus per Hex is also altered from 10% to 20%.

Tier 2

There are slight changes in the attack damage of four Tier 2 champions. First off is Aphelios, wherein his turrets will now stop firing once he is disabled during battle. Next is Jarvan, where his Dragon Strike Damage is altered from 175/250/500 to 175/250/750. Jax’s Starting/Total Mana is also increased from 50/100 to 60/110. Lastly, Teemo’s Sporecloud Dart Damage is adjusted from 200/300/600 to 300/450/900.

Tier 3

Two Tier 3 champions were only affected in the latest patch. First is Kennen, where his Slicing Maelstrom Damage is altered from 300/450/900 to 300/450/1350. Second is Veigar, where his Spell Power gain on kill is altered to 1/1/2 from 1/2/4.

Tier 4

For Tier 4 champions, Ahri’s Health is altered from 650 down to 600. Apart from that, her Spirit Bomb Damage is also adjusted from 500/800/4000 down to 500/750/3000. Aside from Ahri, Jhin’s Fourth Shot Damage is also altered from 444/500/4444% down to 444/500/1234%. Riven’s Energy Slash Wave Damage is also adjusted from 300/450/1500 to 300/450/1350. Lastly, Talon’s True Strike Damage is altered from 200/225/300% down to 200/225/250%.

Tier 5

Four Tier 5 champions were affected by the changes in the new patch. First off is Azir, where his Warlord’s Divide Damage is adjusted from 200/350/2000 to 200/350/8888. Aside from that, Kayn’s Reaping Slash Damage is also altered from 450/600/6666 down to 400/600/6666, and his Shadow Form Damage Buff is also adjusted from 75% down to 50%. Lillia’s Liting Lullaby Sleep duration changed to 3/4/8 seconds from 3.5/3.5/8. Lastly, Zilean’s Rewind Fate number of targets is also adjusted from 2/2/10 to 3/4/8 seconds, and his Rewind Fate heal amount is adjusted from 350/700/3000 down to 350/500/3000.

Items in Teamfight Tactics

The recent patch also imposed some adjustments on the in-game items. Just like the other elements in the game, some items are buffed while others are nerfed. Read on to find out the complete items that were affected by the changes in the latest patch.

The first item that has been changed is the Chalice of Power’s Bonus Spell Power, where it’s adjusted from 30 to 40. Next is the Gargoyle Stoneplate’s Bonus Armor & MR per enemy, where it’s adjusted from 12 to 15. Aside from that, the Locket of the Iron Solari Shield is also altered from 250/300/375/500 to 350/450/600/800.

Luden’s Echo has a lot of changes in the recent update. First, it now deals with bonus damage to shielded and crowd-controlled enemies. Second, its Base Damage is adjusted from 200 down to 180. Lastly, its Bonus Damage is now at 180. Apart from Luden’s Echo, Statikk Shiv also has a lot of changes in the update. First, its Damage is adjusted from 85 to 75. Also, its Bonus Damage is adjusted from 85 to 175. Lastly, a bug was also fixed where the lightning chain could break if it encounters an invisible stealth unit.

Other items that were affected by the changes in the latest patch include Quicksilver, where its Duration is adjusted from 12 seconds down to 10 seconds. Next is Zeke’s Herald Bonus Attack Speed, where it’s adjusted from 30% to 40%. Lastly, the ZZ’Rot Portal, where its Construct Attack Damage is adjusted from 70 to 150. It will also now taunt nearby enemies for two seconds at the beginning of combat to the wearer.


Teamfight Tactics Gameplay



Apart from the champions and items, there were also alterations done in four traits of Teamfight Tactics: General Balance, Cultist, Divine, and Fortune. Read on if you want to know more about these changes.

General Balance

There’s a big change in Shades trait, wherein the stealth effective time now depends on how the shade trait triggers. Stealth will now take effect after three attacks, instead of the 3rd attack. Furthermore, Shades will now auto attack three times, then followed by bonus damage on their 4th attack. Ultimately, it is considered as a nerf to the trait.

  • Adept Attack Speed Slow is adjusted from 2/3/5 seconds to 2.5/4/7 seconds
  • Hunter Bonus Damage is adjusted from 175% at all levels to 150/175/200/225%
  • Moonlight (5) is now present, which stars up the lowest 2 champions.
  • Mystic Magic Resist is adjusted from 35/95/175 to 40/100/200
  • Ninja AD and AP is adjusted from 50/120 to 50/150
  • Shade Bonus Damage is adjusted from 100/325/650 to 125/400/750
  • The Vanguard (8) now exists.
  • Vanguard Armor is adjusted from 100/250/500 to 100/250/600/1500


The recent upgrade in the Cultist units helps Galio scale the next stage of the game while maintaining the big spike coming with six or nine Cultists. With this change, playing 4 or 5 Cultists will not be completely pointless.

With each star level of your cultists, Galio will have +12% bonus Health plus Attack Damage. Example: three 1-star Cultists will grant Galio +36% bonus HP and AD.

  • Galio Base Health is adjusted from 1600/3800/6666 to 1000/1750/2500
  • Galio Base Attack Damage is adjusted from125/400/1000 to 80/180/400


There’s a rework in this trait. The Divine units remove all crowd control and ascent once they attack six times or if their health drops below 50%. This results in taking 66% reduced damage and dealing 50% bonus true damage for the duration of the ascension.

  • 2 Divine is now at 4 seconds
  • 4 Divine is now at 6 seconds
  • 6 Divine is now at 9 seconds
  • 8 Divine is now at 13 seconds


  • Fortune (3) average gold value- 0 Loss is adjusted from 3g to 2.5g
  • Fortune (3) average gold value- 1 Loss is adjusted from 6.5g to 6g
  • Fortune (3) average gold value- 2 Loss is adjusted from 11.5g to 10.5g
  • Fortune (3) – 4 Loss has now removed the 5 cost drop possibility
  • Fortune (6) average gold value is adjusted from 10.25g to 11.65g
  • Fortune (6) has now lowered the chances of a 5 cost drop.

Those are just some of the basic adjustments that Riot Games has made in update 10.21 of the game. There are still a whole lot of adjustments and bug fixes in the recent patch. These adjustments can affect the entire performance, not only of the characters but the entire game itself. Check out the complete patch 10.21 notes in the official Teamfight Tactics news update by Riot Games.

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