The Best Heroes To Use in King’s Raid

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Posted on September 12, 2020

King’s Raid is a fantastic role-playing game that offers a compelling storyline and action-packed gameplay. It also offers a plethora of playable characters to choose from ranging from the heroic Kasel to the alluring Xerah. And like most adventure games, every one of these characters has strengths and weaknesses. Your goal is to figure out which are the best among the rest.

Every hero in King’s Raid has their own respective roles to fulfill. Some are powerful warriors, others are formidable champions. Knowing where and when to send them into battle can make or break your gaming experience. You also need to level them up– and when you have too many units to take care of– it’s hard to know who to prioritize.

So we’ve listed down the best heroes in two categories. PvE and PVP. Going through the list will let you glimpse the best heroes to use and level up. On that note, let’s go to the first category.

Top Champions for PVP in King’s Raid

Player-versus-Player is a common staple in action RPG games— and this game is no exception. You can showcase your squad against other players in the arena but you’ll have to build your team first. So here are a few heroes that bask in victory and glory!

Cain – A wizard known as the Immortal God-King. He can force his opponents to do his bidding and manipulate them.
Dosarta – She is a knight that can increase all allies’ CC resistance and weaken the enemy.
Loman – Another Knight that deals serious physical damage to enemies with his Cut Ground skill. His skill Shrouding Creed casts a shield on all of his allies allowing them to survive longer in a fight.
Mirianne – An assassin that uses his sharp eyes and mind to exploit enemy weaknesses.
Nicky – A warrior whose Mace of Rehabilitation can stun and disarm enemies rendering them useless.

These five battle-hardened warriors are masters of the arena and aren’t easy to defeat when built properly. Equip them with the best gears the game can offer and you’ll be climbing the top of the leader birds in no time!

King's Raid PC Gameplay

The Best Heroes To Vanquish Monsters

King’s Raid also offers dungeon raids, guild raids, and even boss hunts. You’ll basically fight tough monsters that have abilities that can wipe out an entire party. Like the PvP heroes, some champions are superb at hunting beasts. So let’s take a look at their abilities.

Annette – Her weapons and traps are great when it comes to disposing groups of enemies. Her Blasting Ray can deal massive damage on enemies at a straight line.
Cleo -She has devastating single target and AoE attacks. Her skill Fire Needles and Fire Rain ticks five times against enemies
Epis – She’s an offensive DPS that has great lifesteal scaling. She can teleport behind enemies with Nightmare too.
Frey – She can heal massive amounts of HP. She also protects her allies with Blessings of Light giving them immunity from Crowd Control effects.

There are still other heroes in the roster you can play around with. Some of them have unique abilities on part with the best while others aren’t really much to note. Ultimately, it still boils down on how you want your team to look like and what roles you want them to fulfill. Just keep in mind that they need to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Team Synergy Can Make or Break A Battle

King’s Raid combines great RPG elements with strategic gameplay. How well you build your team can lead you to the top or spell your inevitable doom. And the only true way to find out if you have what it takes is to download this on your PC. Unlock immersive full-screen graphics and fully customizable controls. Overall, it still boils down to how well your team synergy is. So keep that in mind when you pick the best heroes from the list.

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