Play & Relax With The Top 5 Gardening Games To Play On PC

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Posted on September 25, 2020

Many people love playing video games because it’s not only fun but also relaxing. Games are one of the main ways people use to relax and get away from the stress. Of course, this is not always the case. There are many games out there that can also be stressful to play. Mostly, these are competitive games where you try and compete against other players..

If you want to play a game that can help you relax, you should look at gardening games. These games are usually simple and easy to play, as they’re mostly puzzle, building, or mystery games. They’re also not competitive, making the perfect game genre that you can play in to relax. There are many different gardening games available that you can play on your PC, which will give you plenty of options.

But with so many different gardening games available, which ones should you choose to play to help you relax? This article will help with that as it will identify 5 of the top free gardening games you can play on your PC to help you relax after a stressful day. Are you ready for it? Look below this post for more.


Plants vs Zombies gameplay


1. Plants Vs Zombies

One of the best and most fun games you can play is Plants vs. Zombie when it comes to garden games. It’s one of the well-known games that you can play. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a strategy tower defense game where you use plants that defend your home against invading zombies. You will use a variety of plants to help protect your home like the Pea Shooter family, the Squash, the Cherry Bomb, the Jalapeno, and many more.

Of course, you will need all the help you can get as you will be dealing with various zombies. Take note, you can’t use all your plants simultaneously, as there will be a limit to how many you can bring. This action will require you to properly strategize to deal with the enemy zombies you need to defeat on the level. It’s a fun game, and it’s a great way to relieve stress. There’s also a Plants Vs. Zombies 2 for you to play, but the first game is always better, so start with that first before moving to the successor.

2. Gardenscapes

Another excellent gardening game for you to play is Gardenscapes. It’s a casual game where your goal is to restore a wonderful garden to its glory. You will be replacing broken down and old items and decorations with new ones to restore the garden. But before you can get new things to use, you first need to play and complete a match-3 puzzle. You place match at least 3 of the same fruits either horizontally or vertically to eliminate them.


Gardensccapes gameplay


The goal is to eliminate the target number of fruits to complete the level and get items to redecorate. You can check out this link for a video of Gardenscapes gameplay. This game is a fun and very relaxing game, and it won’t require too much thinking on your part when playing this game. You also get to exercise a bit of your creativity as you do have a say about how you want the garden to look.

3. Blossom Blast Saga

Blossom Blast Saga is another great gardening game that will help you relax after a tiring and stressful day. It’s a casual puzzle game where you will be required to link flower buds with the same color to create a flower blossom and clear the flowerbed. Your goal in this game is to achieve a high score, and you do that by clearing a level as fast as possible.

It’s a relatively straightforward and simple game to play. You won’t need to overthink, except to use your eyes to clear the level. It’s a great game to play if you don’t want to use your brain, as the easy gameplay will allow you to play it on autopilot. But be careful; the game can be a bit addictive.


Viridi Gameplay


4. Viridi

If you are into succulent plants, which are plants that have thickened, engorged, and fleshy parts, then you should play Viridi. It’s another great gardening game that you can play to help you relax. It’s a place where you try to grow a succulent plant. It may be simple, but it allows you to take care of a virtual plant, a great substitute if you can’t have your plants.

The succulent plants are also pretty and very calming to look at. It’s a great game that can help you relax after a stressful day.

5. Inner Garden

If building and designing a garden from scratch, then Inner Garden is your game. It’s a casual game where you develop and create your garden using various plants, flowers, and other garden materials. It’s a great game that will exercise your creativity—a great and relaxing game for people who need to unleash their creative juices to calm down.

Now, these are only some of the best gardening games that you can try. There’s a lot more to explore online, and it’s up to you what to choose! Well, if you have more time, try scrolling around this site and page for more games to play. Still, we hope that these gardening games can help you ease your stress or make you even happy for a short time!

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