Thresh Wild Rift – Recommended Build, Runes, & Items Guide

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Posted on June 21, 2022

Playing competitive multiplayer strategy games like MOBA is always fun. It’s one of the reasons why games like LoL Wild Rift are always popular. Furthermore, your success in MOBA games depends on your mastery of the heroes available and it’s no different in Wild Rift. If you enjoy playing as a tank or support, then Thresh is the best champion for you. He’s a tank support champion with great crowd control and zoning. However, what’s the best build for Thresh Wild Rift? Let’s find out here.

Thresh Wild Rift Guide

As mentioned earlier, Thresh Wild Rift, the Chain Warden, is a tank support champion. He’s someone who specializes in zoning and crowd control, which makes her a great champion to have on any team. Ever since the Thresh Wild Rift release date, players use him as a frontline tank that can initiate team fights or protect teammates, he can do that. Additionally, he can stay in the back and peel for the carriers. Thresh Wild Rift is very versatile, which makes him one of the best tanks. Let’s now discuss Thresh’s Wild Rift abilities.

Thresh wild rift


Damnation Passive Skill

The passive skill of Thresh in Wild Rift is Damnation, which is his passive skill. With this ability, Thresh can harvest the souls of enemies that died near him. These harvested souls will permanently grant the Chain Warden armor and ability power. It’s a great ability that increases Thresh’s durability and damage. Furthermore, it’s the second skill that is prioritized after Death Sentence.

Death Sentence 1st Skill

The 1st ability of Thresh in Wild Rift is Death Sentence. The champion will bind an enemy in chains and pulls them toward him. Therefore, making it a great way to set up an enemy for your teammates to kill. If you activate the ability again, Thresh pulls himself to the enemy, which is great for chasing enemies with low health. It’s the skill you prioritize in leveling up.

Dark Passage 2nd Skill

The 2nd ability is Dark Passage. Thresh will throw a lantern to a target location. If a teammate collects it, Thresh will pull the ally towards him. Moreover, it’s a great ability for helping teammates escape battles and prevent them from dying. It’s very useful, especially for pulling out glass cannon carriers in tight situations.

Flay 3rd Skill

The 3rd ability of Thresh in Wild Rift is Flay. When you activate it, Thresh’s attacks wind up. It deals more damage the more you wait between attacks. Additionally, Thresh will sweep his chain, which will knock all enemies that are hit by it in the direction of the blow. It’s a great crowd control ability for slowing down enemies, either for initiating fights or helping teammates escape.

The Box Ultimate Skill

Thresh’s ultimate skill is The Box. The champion will call upon a pentagon-like barrier around him. The walls will slow down and damage enemies if they pass by and break the wall. So, it’s a great crowd control skill that also deals good amounts of damage. It’s Thresh’s best ability for initiating fights. Therefore, level up this ability whenever possible.

thresh wild rift gameplay
Image Source: Thresh Wild Rift Gameplay


The Best Thresh Build Wild Rift

Though Thresh can also deal damage, he works well playing as the tank support in the team. It’s why for Thresh build Wild Rift, tank items are good for him, especially the ones that provide ability haste to decrease the cooldown of Thresh’s abilities. For Thresh build Wild Rift, the first item for this champion should be Warmog’s Armor. It grants him health, health regeneration, and increases his ability haste.

The Warmog’s Armor should be followed by the Dead Man’s Plate for additional health and armor. It can also increase movement speed, which is handy in any situation. Completing the best core Thresh build Wild Rift is Force of Nature, which grants additional health and magic resistance. To complete Thresh build Wild Rift, you’ll have the Thornmail and Randuin’s Omen for more health and armor, then Mercury Treads for movement speed. Convery the boots to the Protobelt for additional magic damage.

For Thresh’s runes in Wild Rift, you start with the Aftershock for additional armor and magic resist, as well as damage, after immobilizing enemies. Afterwards, you go for Weakness, which makes enemies take more damage in the next few seconds after impairing their movement. On the other hand, Bone Plating is also good for damage reduction while Hunter-Genius is needed for more ability haste. For the spells, you can go for Flash to make it easy to initiate fights or Ignite for more damage.

thresh wild rift build
Image Source: Thresh Build in Wild Rift


Tips for Playing Thresh Wild Rift

Thresh is a very strong early game champion, because of his ability Flay. You can easily deal good amounts of damage, which can allow your team to play more aggressively early on. Once you activate your other abilities, you start to frustrate enemies with your crowd control skills. In the late game, Thresh is not as strong, but he becomes more useful as a tank. During this phase, always stay with your team.

The Bottomline

You can initiate a fight, protect teammates, or peel off enemies for your carry to kill. There are many ways to play Thresh in the late game, which is great since you can provide a lot of things, depending on what your team needs. If you want to main this champion, be wary of the Thresh counter in champions like Janna, Soraka, and Blitzcrank. Thresh will have a harder time in the game with these champions around. Nevertheless, Thresh is a great champion that’s worth trying out. Download League of Legends Wild Rift here in to start playing now!

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