Top 5 Spine-Chilling Horror Games in 2020 You Should Play

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Posted on March 28, 2021

Horror games are one of the best genres, especially for gamers who love a good scare every once. Moreover, you could see that horror games became a focal point of some streamers. In all points, it’s quite fun to watch them scared during their live streams. The game streaming industry is also one of the reasons why horror games are continually growing popular over the years.

If you are one of those who love playing these kinds of games, then you’ve come to the right place. What makes it better is that these amazing, heart-stopping horror games are available here for free! It’s hassle-free, and no need to spend money on it. It’s a total win-win situation! You get to have the ultimate scare of your life, and you get to save money. Read on here to know more!

Eyes – The Scary Horror Game Adventure

Brave the night in the Eyes – The Scary Horror Game Adventure. Can you handle the monsters in this game? You will hear footsteps and disturbing noises, see shelves rattle, and many more. Also, you will have to explore the halls, and escape before these evil creatures catch up to you! All you need to do is collect the money bags scattered all over the mansion. Then, leave the place as soon as possible. Once you see the furniture moving and lights flickering, you should run for your life! Can your wits handle this kind of madness?

Eyes Gameplay


Granny’s House: Help Dorothy Escape

When it comes to multiplayer and horror, Granny’s House ticks every box. The story of this horror game is all about a crazy old woman that lives down the street. She kidnap kids and lock them in her house that no one is around, never to be seen again. Dorothy is one of those children, and you need to escape before Granny gets you! In multiplayer mode, you can either play as Granny or Dorothy. There are different modes that you can enjoy also, like PVP and Infection modes.

Horror Hospital 2

Horror Hospital 2 is another one of those horror games based on asylums, which has always been scary. The game revolves around Melissa, who was sleep-deprived due to having non-stop nightmares. Meanwhile, Walter is there to help Melissa with her woes. The graphics, overall eerie feeling, and scary gameplay made Horror Hospital 2 one of the best games in 2020. So play it now and enjoy old-school jump scare games like this one.

Evil Nun: Scary Adventure Game

The eerie gameplay, scary sound effects, and jump scares are what made Evil Nun one of the best horror games. There are also scary parts that will make your soul jump right out of your body. That’s why make sure you have the tightest core to withstand all of the scariest parts.

Horror Games Free

The game’s objective is to escape an old abandoned school where an Evil Nun is said to lurk the halls. Moreover, you should do this before she gets to you. You will also solve different puzzles and search the classrooms to find items. You only have five days to escape, so make sure you do your best!

Horror Show: Scary Online Survival Game

Either hunt as a psycho or get chills in Horror Show. It’s all about survival in this horror game, and it shows. As the maniac, your objective is to kill all victims before they can escape your grasp! Meanwhile, as the victim, you need to survive by outsmarting the maniacs. All players will find themselves stuck in an abandoned encampment with three maniacs lurking. Find a way out before they get the chance to play with you and eventually kill you! Make sure to check this and all the other games here on this site!

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