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The 8 Best Role-Playing Games to Play in 2020

In 2020, we have seen a lot of things happening. Some events were unfortunate, but there’s still a lot of things to be optimistic about. One of them is that there are plenty of fun role-playing games to play.

Role-playing games, commonly known as RPGs, have a definite charm because they have something other games don’t have. Sometimes it’s the story, most times the skill system and the gameplay. Open-world RPGs are especially great to play.

If you’re interested to know which RPGs are great to play in 2020, here are our top eight picks. Each of these games presents unique gameplay that you will find very interesting and entertaining.

1. Genshin Impact

Even though it was released in September, this game has already made quite the noise. Genshin Impact is a game that’s unapologetic for taking some of the best qualities of its supposed template– Zelda: Breath of the Wild–but it added quite a flavor-breaker to it. It has managed to create something different from Zelda. Even better, it can be praised for trying to look like a different game.

Genshin Impact also took the path of the open-world genre. That means players can roam around the world of Teyvat and choose where to go first, in a manner popularized by The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim game. It makes for an easier time grinding so that you face the first boss with a little more heft in tow.



2. Shop Titans: Epic Idle Craft, Build & Trade RPG

When playing role-playing games, some of your best friends are shopkeepers and NPC sellers that are plying their trade in the city. Haven’t you imagined what these shopkeepers might be doing in their spare time? Those ideas are answered by Shop Titans, a different kind of take on the fantasy role-playing genre.

Instead of just plainly roaming around and killing monsters for gold, you’re opening up a new shop in a busy city for a change. It’s up to you to craft wares and haggle for prices with enterprising adventurers who, in turn, are selling their wares. Become adept at selling them weapons and different items, and before you know it, you’re the most popular shop in town – you might even get so lucky as to invite the King to your shop!

3. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

From the streets of medieval fantasy, we go over to the gritty landscape of an urban warzone. In this military-themed RPG named Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, you are thrust right into a battle against an unknown global threat playing outside of the rules. You are given a soldier squad unlike no other – think of it as you recruiting a team of operatives like the Suicide Squad.

Villains or heroes, it doesn’t matter this time; what matters is that all of you are facing a force that requires everyone to work together. Recruit characters like Sam Fisher, Megan, and Walker, and go up against another elite military force. Train them to use upgraded weapons, and unleash their full, frightening potential on your enemies.

4. Arcane Legends

This Spacetime Studios-developed game lets you explore abandoned castles and scary forests. It’s one of those games that can be played normally as well as a great Halloween game if you still have no games for the season. Go on quests alone or bring your friends on an adventure in Arcane Legends. If you want, you can also challenge them into proving who’s the better-skilled adventurer between you two.

Arcane Legends allows you to choose from diverse classes at the beginning of the game. Specifically, there are character tropes, such as the Rogue and the Sorcerer class. Most RPG fans will know which classes to choose for their skills. Moreover, the game also lets you partner up with various pets that you can bring along on adventures, as well as on quests.

5. Zombie World War

Another RPG entry that’s fit for those who love anything spooky, Zombie World War lets you play as a city surviving against horde upon horde of the undead. Break through 126 levels and spread across 21 scenes that slowly tell you the story of the survivors in this post-apocalyptic zombie nightmare.

It’s got a nice RPG system for a zombie game. You are humanity’s last hope, and if you lose, everyone loses as well. Train your skills to become an efficient undead killing machine and become adept at using the 19 different weapons available for you to use. That’s a requirement if you wish to survive 21 different species of zombies.

6. Dungeon Hunter 5

Explore the depths of an underworld filled with evil forces in this game from renowned publisher Gameloft. Become a bounty hunter and train to unlock new powers and weapons in your hunt for the hordes of darkness. Be prepared to face a diverse collection of enemies in this dungeon-crawling RPG adventure named Dungeon Hunter 5.

It is an action RPG, and being such, it reminds you of role-playing games like Torchlight and Diablo. Hack and slash your way into renown among the towns of men, and battle your way to acquiring deadly skills. There is a wide variety of different skills that you can master, not to mention an increasing degree of difficulty as you descend from dungeon to dungeon.

Iron Blade Gameplay


7. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends

As far as role-playing games like Skyrim and Wild Hunt are concerned, Iron Blade comes close to emulating these two. Quest through a rich fantasy world while collecting epic weapons and armor. Bring the fight to your enemies and upgrade your hunting gear to hunt more dangerous prey. Learn new techniques to battle and take down more dangerous adversaries as well!

This role-playing game also lets you battle against other adventurers and take their resources while also making sure you won’t fall to the same fate. Be sure to make your kingdom as well-defended as possible and leave it safe while you travel and quest across the land.

8. Angry Birds Epic RPG

While many thought Angry Birds was just a one-hit wonder, Rovio ignored it and continued making many games. Angry Birds Epic is one of those games. It’s a nice take on the regular Angry Birds experience, filled with RPG elements that give the battle against those miserable pigs refreshing.

Travel through the lands that Angry Birds had become famous for. From fields to mountains, from sunny, tropical beaches to gloomy, dark dungeons, chase after the pigs and send them back where they came from using techniques that only you–as an Angry Bird–can use efficiently.


Those are our eight must-play role-playing games of 2020. Though most of these games weren’t necessarily released this year, they are still relevant and entertaining. If you want to try these games out, you can download them for free and play it on your PC through You can also check out more exciting role-playing games on our site.

Posted on September 12, 2020 by soandreamay