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cafe panic game header

Cafe Panic – Become a World-Renowned Chef in this Restaurant Game

Coffee shops are becoming a staple in the community, especially with how relaxing the atmosphere in these places can be. Most coffee shops also offer aromatic coffees, comfortable seats, and delicious pastries best served with a cup of joe.
Posted on June 10, 2021
wwe mayhem gameplay review on pc

WWE Mayhem Gameplay Review: Pure Wrestling Action Game

Many people love watching WWE, enjoying the wrestling action, as well as the entertaining storylines. This is why there are also many games available for people to play.
Posted on June 5, 2021
Diamond Diaries Series Green

Diamond Diaries Saga Review – Is This Game Worth It To Play?

One of the most addictive and popular match 3 puzzle games is Candy Crush Saga. Developed and published by King, this puzzle game was a staple game for many people.
Posted on June 5, 2021
racing fever moto header

Racing Fever: Moto – A Game Better Played on PC

When it comes to racing games, many of the popular and well-known ones are usually racing games about cars. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good racing motor games available.
Posted on June 1, 2021
tmnt mutant madness latest character tier list

TMNT: Mutant Madness – The Latest Character Tier List

TMNT: Mutant Madness is an intriguing and exciting action role-playing game that’s published by Kongregate. In this game, you’re on a mission to stop the multiverse from being destroyed.
Posted on May 30, 2021
death park fight coulrophobia 1

Death Park: Fight Coulrophobia With Fireworks & Wits

In 2019, a Russian indie video game developer Euphoria Games published a survival horror game set in a spooky theme park called Death Park. Capitalizing on the theme of coulrophobia, the game became an instant success racking over five million downloads in less than a year since launch with an overall score of 4.
Posted on May 30, 2021
lily s garden in game plot ads

Lily’s Garden Ads – An Ingenious Way to Present Its In-Game Plot

In 2018, a casual match-three puzzle game called Lily’s Garden made its way to the platform. Like most titles under the match-three category, the game comes with the basic match-three puzzle elements and management/building activities.
Posted on May 30, 2021
whats the buzz about bts world game

What’s the Buzz About BTS World?

There’s no denying that BTS is one of the most popular boy bands in the world today. The 7-member South Korean idol group has fans from all over the world and not just limited to South Korea.
Posted on May 30, 2021
is furistas cat cafe game worth playing

Is Furistas Cat Café a Casual Game Worth Playing?

If you love playing video games and you are a cat lover, you’ve most likely heard of the game Furistas Cat Café. It’s a casual game where you own a cat café and adopt adorable cats.
Posted on May 30, 2021
dead effect 2 header

Dead Effect 2 – Is it Worth Playing in 2021?

When BadFly Games launched Dead Effect 2 in 2015, fans of the original game were hyped. After all, a two-year gap since the launch of the original game is much longer compared to most Freemium game sequels.
Posted on May 29, 2021
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