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mobile legends assassin benedetta

Mobile Legends: Playing As The Assassin Benedetta

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most fun and popular multiplayer online battle arena games. And one of the ways that Moonton keeps the game interesting is by constantly introducing new heroes.
Posted on March 17, 2021
zombie killing gameplay review

Zombie Killing – Call of Killers: Review of The Gameplay

There are many free zombie games that you can play right now. Some of them would involve a lot of shooting action.
Posted on March 15, 2021
for pc gamers

Genshin Impact: Top 5 Reasons You Should Play It on PC

We’ve always been head over heels when it comes to Genshin Impact simply because it feels more like an open-world RPG first while the gacha elements are second. It does not favor any pay-to-win systems nor does it put you in a paywall just to advance through the story.
Posted on March 15, 2021
greatest gatcha game

Genshin Impact Review: How Great is This Gacha RPG’s Gameplay?

Amazing — that is one word if we were to summarize everything about Genshin Impact. However, “Amazing” itself just won’t cut it.
Posted on March 15, 2021
relax and enjoy your deck

Fun Card Games You Can Get For Your PC

Card games are known as a fun way to pass the time or kill boredom. But in reality, they are more than just that.
Posted on March 12, 2021
best classic board games

The Top 6 Free Classic Board Games For Your PC

Board games, especially the classic ones, were one of the best forms of entertainment before the digital age But now that digital games are the norm, these classic board games can still provide entertainment. It helps that many of them can now also be played on a PC.
Posted on March 12, 2021
friends scape from alcatras

Top 6 Roblox Coop Games You Should Be Playing in 2021

If you are tired of browsing through the massive library of Roblox just looking for that perfect title then, look no further as we have collected six of the best Roblox coop games that you and your friends can play in 2021. Each of the titles below gets handpicked by us.
Posted on March 12, 2021
pixel gun 3d tier weapons

Pixel Gun 3D: Weapons Tier List from S to D

Pixel Gun 3D is full of awesome weapons to choose from. Despite its rather a kiddie design that tailors to a younger audience, a lot of players of all ages are into the game just because it has awesome gameplay.
Posted on March 12, 2021
a comprehensive review of pixel gun 3d

A Comprehensive Review of Pixel Gun 3D

Action shooting games are very fun to play. Its core attraction is that you can shoot guns and play against strangers online!
Posted on March 12, 2021
The Heavenly Fist

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – A Review Of Paquito

It’s less than a month since Paquito was released in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and he’s making a scene. He’s such a strong damage dealer with good skill sets that it’s hard to deal with him in the game.
Posted on March 12, 2021
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