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Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter – An MMORPG on Auto Mode

Launched in 2017, as a direct sequel to Snail Game’s Taichi Panda series, Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter comes packed with three times the features and three times the fun, literally. Nevertheless, despite the overwhelming features, the huge open world, the colossal collection of items, and the awesome roster of mounts, one element somehow made […]
Posted on May 29, 2021
grand chase header

The Ultimate Character Tier List in GrandChase

GrandChase is one of the most popular side-scrolling MMORPGs to date. Even in just a week after its release in 2018, over 2 million players have downloaded the game.
Posted on May 29, 2021
boom beach gameplay review header

Boom Beach Gameplay Review

For years, Boom Beach has been enjoyed by millions of players from across the globe. It’s a combination of casual simulation, real-time strategy, and top-down multiplayer.
Posted on May 29, 2021
redridinghood foggy woods

Night of the Full Moon Review: Of Lycans & Red Riding Hoods

Night of the Full Moon is perhaps one of the most well-made free-to-play card battle games that not many people know of. Published by Giant Games, this alternate story of the Little Red Riding Hood has you venturing ancient castles, the dark and foggy woods, and beyond.
Posted on May 15, 2021
top 5 jewel games

Top 5 Games Like Toon Blast That’s Free to Play on PC

Toon Blast is among the top games in the free-to-play puzzle category. In Games.
Posted on May 15, 2021
five nights at fredd s game inspiration

The Inspiration Behind The Game Series Five Nights At Freddy’s

One of the exciting and scary games that people can play on PC right now is Five Nights At Freddy’s. It’s an action game where you play as a night-time employee at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.
Posted on April 30, 2021
killer bean unleashed playing action 2021

Killer Bean Unleashed: Playing The Action-Shooter in 2021

Just because a game is already close to 10 years old doesn’t mean that it’s something that you shouldn’t play. Many games have been around for a decade but are still popular to this day.
Posted on April 30, 2021
general scientist spy boom beach characters

Boom Beach: A Comprehensive Look on Its Characters

Supercell is known to create addictive multiplayer strategy games. And one of their creations is Boom Beach, an online multiplayer strategy game where players build bases on an archipelago.
Posted on April 30, 2021
subway surfers 9 mind blowing facts

Subway Surfers: 9 Mind-Blowing Facts Every Player Should Know

A game created to celebrate the street culture, Subway Surfers has topped the video game charts for many years now. The game is all about running endlessly without getting caught by two characters, the dog and the inspector.
Posted on April 28, 2021
ml vs lol banner

LoL Wild Rift vs Mobile Legends: A Comparison on the Popular MOBAs

The presence of LoL Wild Rift and Mobile Legends is proof that MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, games are not dead at all. In fact, Wild Rift and ML still have the most players on portable devices, especially in Asia.
Posted on April 25, 2021
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