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About this Game

Have you ever wondered how Rambo managed to free the natives in his myriad movies? Well, get the chance to exact a little vengeance to your enemies in Boom Beach for PC. Like the saying goes, either you formulate a plan to drive them out of the island or escape to lick your wounds in tatters.

The Blackguard is waiting to enact his villainous plans. Prove to be the rascal that spoils these in this cartoon war app. Attack enemy bases, free captive islanders and have yourself a little education in the process. The island is filled with mysteries from the past, long-lost kingdoms and civilizations. Unlock these secrets in the process of freeing captives.

Here Comes the Boom!

Boom Beach online is also about growing your homebase where you can heal and regroup. Here, you can devise your best strategies against the evil Dr. T by building your gunships and upgrading them, as well as your landing boats. Order your parties on missions to take out enemy HQ and free more prisoners. Every prisoner saved is an additional troop you can add to your forces. You will also be compensated for your swift action with rewards or resources.

How to Play Boom Beach Strategy Game

After downloading the Boom Beach game, you’re all geared up for your first game. But there are specific tactics you should pay attention to. As always, your defense is the key. It’s a war game, after all, and your enemy will always be out for your base. Protecting your base also means protecting your rewards as well as your hard-earned resources.

So, don’t slack off in upgrading your assets. Things like the Gunboat, Scorcher, and Zooka should always be upgraded. The Gunboat is for mining and attacking islands, while the Zooka and Scorcher are long-ranged and heavily armored attackers, respectively.

Game Features

  • Have fun and friendly battles in a familiar style. Download the unblocked game from!
  • Learn how to defend your island right by using the replay function. Strategize even when you lose offline, to win again next time!
  • Work on your strategy and make sure that people are freed from slavery. Find hidden ancient powers on different islands even as you attack.

So what are you waiting for? Boom Beach Download is now available on PC. Download and play it now and face the anger of Blackguard Bosses! You can also try out other games by Supercell such as Hay Day and Clash Royale!

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