Free Building Games Online: Build Your Own Home or City

Whether you are looking for city building, base building, village building, or even house building. Check out our list of the Best Building Games for PC, you will not be disappointed!

The building game genre has come a long way from the humble beginnings of the popular SimCity™ series back in the day. After catching on, it started expanding into different and more varied themes like tower building, villages, theme parks, and now the most popular types are base building games.

Whether you are looking to build a home or create a city, these awesome building games will keep you preoccupied. These fantastic building games are highly addictive and fun. You will quickly lose track of time while you play these beautiful simulation games. features a great set of games in this genre. You can build towering buildings, fun theme parks, or sprawling villages. Would you like to know what building games PC are in store for you?

Latest Building Games

Popular Building Games

Are you looking for the best building games that you can play on your computer? Check out the top building simulation games on You will love the new selection of building games free.

From the humble beginnings of SimCity, there have been a lot of simulation games that popped up. It just so happens that has some of the best building games today. Best of all, if you go to Games, lol, you can play building games for free.

Do you have what it takes to convert a sleepy tropical island into a busy metropolis? From Gameloft comes another awesome building game that lets you create a city of the future. Celebrate the promise of the future with a gem in the middle of nowhere. Check out Little Big City 2.

Are you tired of the usual urban settings in building games? Wave good-bye to the bustling city and say hello to the exotic island life in Village City – Island Simulation. This excellent game features immersive gameplay and smooth animation. Transform your remote island into a modern metropolis that’s full of life.

Or you can try out the life on the farm in Farmdale – Farm Village Simulator. Plant your seeds, grow your crops, and tend your farm in this fantastic building game.

To download these and other building games is easy. Go to and check out the site’s incredible selection, then click download. You don’t even need an emulator to enjoy these free games.