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Play Critical Ops Online | Read on for Tips, Tricks, and Guide

Critical Ops is a 3D first-person shooting game for desktop PC where competitive combat is skill-based. Fight for glory with your friends or flaunt to the world your skills by topping the leader scoreboard. Take on the role of an expert counter-terrorist agent whose mission is to fight the evilest people on Earth. Fight with might and lead the resistance to save the world from vile terrorists. Experience true-to-life gunplay and intensity with your friends in cooperative missions for generous rewards or fight with them in the PvP arena to prove your shooting skills. If you’re worried about cheaters, don’t fret. The game cannot be hacked as it is only playable online on Critical Forces Ltd.’s server. The downside is that it cannot be played without internet, but what gives? Flaunt your skills and strategy against the dreadful enemies of the world when you download Critical Ops!


Critical Ops Game Features:

Ranking System

Reach the top of the leaderboard and show your skills to the world as your rank up. Prove yourself that you got what it takes to be the next top special ops. Earn generous rewards as you progress and unlock new achievements. Use these rewards to your advantage in your next battles. You can share your rankings and challenge your friends on social media for more interactive gameplay! Could you be the next top special ops?


Weapon Customization

Things are better when they look better. Choose among a variety of weapons to master and practice. And customize them to your liking! Put customized skins for a more fabulous fighting experience like never before. Whether you choose to use a knife, a pistol, or a machine gun, don’t forget that you can always lead the force with style!



Multiplayer Mode

The fun doesn’t end with finishing missions and polishing your gun by yourself. Did you think that you will be having a good time by yourself only? Enjoy teaming up with friends and players around the world and fight the evil forces together. Strategize with them and cope up with their play style. Boast your upgraded weapons with customized skins with confidence! It’s always important to watch over them and see if you are missing something. Everyday is a chance for you to learn and become a better special ops agent. Remember that it’s not bad to copy, it’s a choice you should make to improve yourself.


Daily Missions

Complete the daily missions tasked to you on the missions tab to progress. The missions vary from day to day and depend mainly on your level and experience. Finish your daily missions first before others because they can only be completed on that day. Missions like killing an X number of people using a type of gun and some sort will give you bountiful of rewards. Maximize the use of these rewards in your next case.


Critical Ops Tips and Tricks:

Weapon of Choice

There are five kinds of weapons to choose from. And the key to winning in Critical Ops game is finding the right weapon according to your play style and strategy. Pistols are good for both long and short-range targets, doesn’t do much damage but easy to use with fast recoil. Submachine guns and assault rifles are best for mid-range targets. They have the highest rate of fire per second and can take out enemies faster than any other guns, provided you’re not that near and not that far. Shotguns should be used for killing short-range targets. They are incredibly powerful and can kill most targets in one shot, provided that you’re somehow near the target.

Sniper rifles are best used for long-range targets but can be used at any range. If you’ve got the aiming skills, you can kill just about anybody with its deadly bullets. Get a guaranteed kill with sniper rifles for every headshot!



Map Familiarization

Aside from map awareness, map familiarization also plays an important role in winning the Critical Ops online game. It may take you some time to familiarize all the maps, but get the hang of it and you will be victorious more often than not. If you’re in, let’s get it on. Download Critical Ops free for PC now! If you like action games, browse our wide selection of similar games such as Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings and Gods of Rome.

Game Download

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Click the downloaded file at the bottom of your screen.
Click "Yes" on the system dialog window to start of your game installation.
Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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