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About this Game

Critical Ops is finally here. Download and play the game for free on your desktop. C-ops is an exciting five versus five FPS game that takes heavy inspiration from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty. In its unique flavor, Critical Ops on PC is more than just an FPS game – it is a shooter with its right of having great gunplay, excellent game modes, and one of the most F2P friendliest practices ever in a popular game. Play with over five different game modes, more than a dozen weapons, and loadout attachments that you can unlock throughout the game. Best of all, you can play it for free.

Tactical Gunplay at Its Finest

Critical Ops got its praise for being strategic yet fast-paced at the same time. It has the right balance of speed, making it ideal for playing a casual and competitive game. Every gun feels fantastic. The hit registration is on point. The map designs are righteously balanced to give the best experience every FPS nut would enjoy.

All Guns from the Ground Up in Critical Ops

Fortunately, every gun is unlocked at your disposal. Forget the progression system; the game is so friendly for free players that every weapon is already in your loadout. It is just a matter of preference of what you will bring to the battle.

Excellent Sound Design and Visuals

For a casual F2P game such as this one, it is very well made with some of the best visuals for handheld devices and housing excellent sound design, making sound queues part of the strategy. You don’t get to see much of that within the C-ops category with other games.

Critical Ops: Multiple Modes to Choose From

Whether you prefer going all out in Team Deathmatch or choosing a more strategic Bomb, the game extenuates tense gunplay that will leave you begging for more.

Critical Ops Game Features:

  • Join a rank match mode for free with friends.
  • Experience a free to play game.
  • Go into a deathmatch with your team online.
  • Enjoy a fun game game!
  • Free download on your PC

If you’re in, let’s get it on. Download Critical Ops free for PC now! If you like action games, browse our wide selection of similar games such as Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings and Gods of Rome.

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