Doraemon Repair Shop
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Join the Wacky Gang in Doraemon Repair Shop


Do you have a penchant for cute anime? Then you will love the gang of Doraemon, Noby, and Shizuka. So join this adorable group as they open an all-purpose repair shop and fix broken household stuff. With springtime in full bloom along with the beautiful cherry blossoms, they are already setting up shop and ready to take on the challenge. Wondering what to expect in Doraemon Repair Shop? It is the season for spring cleaning, and people are tossing out their broken appliances and furniture. What a waste! So join Doraemon and the gang as they help repair and restore these things. In exchange for the services rendered, the townsfolk will give Doraemon and the gang their favorite snack.


Cool Features of Doraemon Repair Shop

Team up with the cute gang of Doraemon, Noby, and Shizuka as they go around fixing old and broken furniture and appliances in Doraemon Repair Shop. And the more items you restore in tip-top condition, the more treats you and the group will earn. But can you keep up with the increasing demand?


Fun and Challenging Levels

Doraemon Repair Shop features nine levels filled with cool challenges. Team up with the gang as you run the repair shop. So are you wondering what to use to repair the people’s stuff? You will have access to Doraemon’s ingenious tools and stash.

You get a reconstruction flashlight and a dismantling screwdriver to tinker with the electronics. Need an X-ray camera to look through things? You got it too. Other cool tools include a time cloth, boost potion, and super batter. Want to speed up your production? You can upgrade these tools. That way, you will finish all your pending projects really fast and get your favorite treats.


Impressive Doraemon Repair Shop Art Style

If you love Doraemon’s signature art style, then you will love this game. Doraemon Repair Shop is made in the same art style. So you can expect the same adorable look in the game in keeping with the anime. Play the Doraemon Repair Shop game free. Then check out the other impressive Role-Playing Games we have for free download, like Lineage2 Revolution and MapleStory M!

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