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Download Earth to Luna on PC: A Fun Leaning Game For Kids



Bring the iconic science-loving little girl named Luna to your PC with Earth to Luna free desktop game download! Watch and play this game from the Brazil-based children game development studios of Yupi Play. Introduce your kids to the iconic Brazilian little girl known for her Discovery Kids Latin America episodic animated show. What are you waiting for? Treat your kids to a wide collection of educational video clips and a various collection of mini-games.


Have Fun Learning on Earth to Luna Free Desktop Game Download

Earth to Luna free desktop game download is a unique combination of fun and learning in one immersive package. Keep them busy with fun coloring activities that come with a variety of unlockable pictures for them to experiment. With a fair balance between fun and learning, this game is definitely a perfect source of entertainment for your kids.


A Collection of Fun Mini-Games

Earth to Luna also features a decent collection of wholesome mini-games to keep your little kids busy for hours. In addition to the coloring activities, Earth to Luna also comes with unique multiple activities you can enjoy. One example is “wings of a Bird” which is a great “reflex” exercise. Another mini-game called “Snowman” features a variety of customizable items for dressing up a snowman. If you enjoy this game, there are more casual games waiting for you to discover! Download and play Pick The Cold and Good Pizza, Great Pizza!


Tons of Educational Videos

Earth to Luna! Watch and Play comes with all aired and unaired episodes of the iconic animated series. Also, each episode comes with its own unique science-related topic. In addition, each video presents explanation through an audio-visual presentation designed specifically for little kids. With answers to questions like “How do Bees communicate?” and “Why do Stars twinkle?”, you can be sure that your kids will definitely have a blast. So, try out Earth to Luna! Watch and Play today by downloading the game. Introduce your kids to the wonderful world of science today!

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