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Esquestria Girls Dressup
Esquestria Girls Say Cheese
Esquestria Girls Sugar Coat
Esquestria Girls Groupie
Esquestria Girls Game Time
Esquestria Girls Dressup
Esquestria Girls Say Cheese
Esquestria Girls Sugar Coat
Esquestria Girls Groupie
Esquestria Girls Game Time

Your favorite My Little Pony characters are featured in Equestria Girls. Join Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Fluttershy, and the others as they take on their high school in this dress up game. Making friends has never been this exciting! With various stimulating missions to take on, you are definitely in for a magical journey.  Go over Canterlot High, unlock mystery rooms, and play thrilling mini-games. You can also customize your avatar’s appearance and be creative with hair, clothing, and accessories just like your My Little Pony games dress up! Take snaps in the photo booth and have keepsakes of your outfit of the day!

Teenage life has never been this whimsical! What are you waiting for? Join the girls in this alternate world as they continue to solve puzzles and make more new friends.
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Equestria Girls Game Features

Welcome To Canterlot High

The Equestria Girls online game starts with a note to parents. After that, you’re on your way to your enchanting adventure. You even get to choose your character name and cutie mark.

If you’re not too familiar with My Little Pony, this is the mark that makes them unique. This identifies the ponies and is an icon related to their magical powers. If you’re wondering why they are human high school girls, this is because of a mission. Yes, My Little Pony characters have all transformed into teenagers!

Customize Your Fanciful Character

After the name and cutie mark selection, it’s on to wardrobe! Choose from a plethora of items for your clothes, accessories, and appearance. Make your character as unique as you want. If you’re happy with your look, you can now visit the school and start solving mysteries. The Equestria Girls menu is very simple to navigate. Plus, you can always access your locker anytime.

Here, you will find your student card and a shortcut to the wardrobe. You will also see the Photobooth, the Call-A-Friend for help option, the Shop, and school Map. Follow missions as the game leads you. There will be an arrow that will guide you on where you have to go. Interact with characters and items as you go.
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Keep Following Magical Clues

You will be entertained for hours with the clues and mysteries that the game has to offer. Did we also mention that you get to make new friends as you gather hints and discover where items are hidden too?

Hasbro Inc. first released Equestria Girls on July 16, 2015. The latest version was recently improved on July 22, 2016. This included updates and bug fixes for the game.
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Tips, Tricks & Game Guide for Equestria Girls

Investigate, Ask & Gather Hints

Get ready for the tasks when you start playing the game.  You will be interacting with characters that will be asking for your help. Don’t fret, as you can also ask for assistance from My Little Pony characters using the Call-A-Friend option via the Equestria Girls game Locker.  Take note though that accessing this option will cost you gems. So, make sure to collect coins and gems as you walk around the school.
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Make The Journey More Magical

The game has another surprise! Scan My Little Pony dolls, vehicles, and playsets with a horseshoe symbol to unlock clothing and accessories for your avatar. If you have any of these toys, scan away for more perks.

You can find a guide on how to properly scan toys. It would be helpful to browse through them for smoother integration with the game. Most of the rewards can be achieved through play and virtual gems can be bought through in-app purchases. Parents can also guide their kids in case they want to look into this option.
equestria girls scan your toy

Have you downloaded the game yet? If you enjoyed MLP Equestria girls songs then you’ll also have hours of fun for kids and kids at heart in this game. Experience My Little Pony dress up game magic with Equestria Girls online! For more Adventure Games, check out Granny’s House Game and MapleStory M.




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