Eyes: Scary Thriller – Horror
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Eyes Horror Game - The Ultimate Horrifying Survival Horror Game

eyes scary thriller download PC
eyes scary thriller download PC free
eyes scary thriller download full version
eyes scary thriller download free
eyes scary thriller download PC
eyes scary thriller download PC free
eyes scary thriller download full version
eyes scary thriller download free

Are you up for a terrifying game? Are you brave enough to face horrifying monsters and ghosts? Well, let’s see how far you can go by playing Eyes Scary Thriller Horror. In this horror action game, you must unleash all your skills and try your best to escape the monsters after you.

Published by FEARLESS GAMES PURECKA & PABIS SPÓŁKA JAWNA, Eyes the Horror Game enables you to experience the most petrifying environment that allows you to interact with random things. Every step you take in this game is highly thrilling and heart-pounding. So, are you ready to run and run? What are you waiting for? Run for your life now!

Eyes Scary Thriller Horror – Break-in & Run

To understand what Eyes Scary Thriller Horror is all about, you must understand where everything started. In this game, you’ll be set in a strange mansion located outside a residential area. The said house was owned by Mr. Miles, who’s renowned as a wealthy businessman. The house was abandoned for years, so there’s no definite reason why the merchant did it.

In Eyes the Horror Game PC, you’ll break into the abandoned mansion and find some bizarre things. You’ll be set in different levels with different content. At each level, you need to go through a small pre-divided area where you need to find hidden bags of money. You’ll not be alone here as you’ll work to reach your goal with your teammates.

The Terrifying Challenge Behind Each Level

If you think meeting your goal or finding the money at each level will be easy, then you better think twice. Some monsters and ghosts are also after you, and you need to dodge them in order to accomplish the level. To defeat the monsters, you can use two things; the maps and Eye Runes. You can utilize the Eye Runes to check the location of the ghosts or monsters in the mansion, which enables you to avoid them and prevent yourself from getting killed.

On the other hand, maps are usually hand-drawn resources provided to you and your teammates. In this map, you’ll see the outlines of all roads and terrains of the house. It will be a great help if you’ll manage to know maps and Eye Runes together, especially when dealing with higher levels because the monsters are more aggressive this time.

Terrifying Eyes the Horror Game PC Features Worth Checking

  • A heart-pounding horror action game
  • Immerse in a petrifying environment filled with challenges
  • Surpass various horrifying levels set in multiple places
  • Utilize maps and Eye Runes to complete a level
  • Extremely thrilling graphics and intuitive controls

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