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Don’t let your guard down because your enemy is ready to take those crowns off of you! Clash Royale is a game of tower rush and it is a multiplayer online battle arena that’s all about picking the right power cards to defend your territory and bring down the opponent’s kingdom. This is a competitive and fast-paced game. Read on to arm yourself with the best knowledge of Clash Royale and be the best player of them all!
In Clash Royale, your objective is to protect your tower or attack your opponent’s towers within a span of 3 minutes. In here, you bring the skeletons, knights, witches, hog riders, giants, as you collect the craziest cards of skilled troops in order to protect your kingdom! With so many characters to choose from, you will need foresight and a plan to execute in this strategy game. From Archers, Knight, Giant, Arrows, Musketeer and Fireball, you can go on collecting stronger cards with higher elixir points like P.E.K.K.A, Lava Hound, Golem, Three Musketeers, Barbarians etc. It’s definitely a lot of fun to mix and match the “decks” to know and experiment with your potential dream team.
Read on more for Clash Royale tips and guides that will help you become a better player! We also have the latest Clash Royale updates for you, be sure to check out on how to create the best decks, improve your gameplay and ultimately defeat all your opponents! Play Clash Royale on PC now with your clanmates!

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Want to know how to “three-crown” your opponents? Read on to find out more! For other tricks, be sure to check out our Clash Royale FAQ page!         Tip 1. Play with patience and mindfulness, not emotions.   You will be tempted to do something when you see how your opponent plans […]

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