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Whether or not you cook well, it’s got nothing to do with this game! In our Cooking Fever knowledge base, we answer all your wonderful and weird questions about this game. Being a virtual chef is tons easier than being one in real life… who knows, you might even want to become a chef after playing this game!

In our Cooking Fever Knowledge Base, we’ll answer all your questions! What is Michelle’s Cafe? Who on earth is Michelle? What are the restaurants? Where can I find some major gem digs? Forget Cooking Fever Wikis, Reddit or Forums! You will find all you’re looking for here!

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How to Win at Cooking Fever?

Can you win at Cooking Fever? The game Cooking Fever is a free cooking mobile game developed by Nordcurrent. It’s a simple game with complex latter levels. Can you win at Cooking Fever? Can you beat the heat? The basis of this game is about serving customers in a variety of restaurants. The challenge is […]

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How Many Levels in Cooking Fever?

Levels in Cooking Fever There are many levels in Cooking Fever, and this corresponds to the many restaurants too. About Cooking Fever This game is developed by Nordcurrent. In this game, players manage various restaurants by making foods and drinks, serving customers, and earning money. Cooking Fever currently has three different modes to play: City […]

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What Other Similar Cooking Fever Games are Available?

Similiar Cooking Fever Games If you love Cooking Fever already and are desperately searching for other options that are similar Cooking Fever games, then you’re in the right place! Chef Rescue Chef Rescue for Android 2.3 has a good rating. It is an action game with a simulation where we observe that you can put […]

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What are the Cooking Fever Restaurants?

There are many Cooking Fever Restaurants, over 20 of them! Here is the list of Cooking Fever Restaurants. They’re all wonderful and challenging, but try to complete all of them! You’d need gems to unlock most, if not all of them, but use our secret gem unlock method to find out how to do it! Also, new […]

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If I’m Bad at Cooking, Should I Play Cooking Fever?

Are you so bad at cooking that you’re terrified of cooking games? Have you always felt like you’re bad at cooking? And if so, is that stopping you from playing Cooking Fever because you don’t want to appear a fraud? Whether or not you can cook is mostly irrelevant to whether or not you should […]

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