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Find out all you want to know about your favorite Gardenscapes: New Acres game! Did not get your curiosity satisfied from our page about Austin? Get all your answers about Austin here at our Gardenscapes Knowledge Base.

Forget about Gardenscapes Wiki, Forum, Wikipedia, or other guides, get all the cheats and hacks here! With our in-house game guides, you will soon become the next Gardenscapes master. Complete the match-3 levels, get coins and starts, redesign your virtual garden, and watch the Gardenscapes story unfold.

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How to beat Level 88 on Gardenscapes?

Play Gardenscapes with Austin, the lovable butler. Join him in this fun adventure and unlock the story with him and the people around him! Decide how you want your virtual garden to look like. Make changes to your initial decision any time you like! Complete Match-3 levels and earn stars to unravel the secrets and hidden […]

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How to beat Level 87 on Gardenscapes?

Gardenscapes is an engaging game featuring match-3 puzzles and garden remodeling. Players get to decide on how to decorate their virtual garden, with the help of the friendly butler, Austin. Earn stars by completing the Match-3 levels in the game and unlock the story in Gardenscapes. As there are many different levels to complete, you may […]

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How to beat Level 77 in Gardenscapes?

Gardenscapes is a fun and addictive puzzle game featuring elements such as Match-3 puzzles and simulation. Restore the beauty of a once-luxurious garden. Decorate and customize your virtual garden. Complete Match-3 levels and earn coins and stars to unlock the novel storyline of Gardenscapes! Make friends with the in-game characters such as Austin the Butler and his […]

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How to get Butterflies on Gardenscapes?

Butterflies appear at certain levels in Gardenscapes. There are different colored butterflies that can be found in various levels. Match the butterflies with pieces of the same color or explode nearby power-ups to catch them. You can also use the Rainbow Blast power-up to clean all the pieces and butterflies of the same color. With every move […]

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Where to find Gardenscapes Username?

Ever wondered where to find your Gardenscapes username? When you first started playing the Gardenscapes name, you are greeted by the friendly butler, Austin. He asks for your name when you first entered the mansion as a stranger. He could not recognize you as the new owner of the mansion and the huge garden. After […]

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