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Welcome to the Love Balls Knowledge Base! Get all the comprehensive answers to your questions about this fun, light-hearted game right here! Love Balls is a highly interactive puzzle game that is suitable for players of all ages. Put on your thinking caps as you are on a mission to reunite the two love balls. Using your virtual pen, draw lines and connect the bridge between the love balls. Avoid obstacles that may come between them along the way. Overcome all odds and play matchmaker for these two love balls.

Download the game if you have not done so! It’s a game you cannot miss. Play now and we assure that you will keep coming back for more Love Balls puzzles!

How to play Level 51 of Love Balls Game?

Love Balls is an interactive puzzle game developed by SuperTapx and available for download on your PC/Mac now. Love Balls is an insanely cute game that’s topping the gaming charts right now. And we’re here to make sure that you’re topping the levels complete list as well! There are many different levels in Love Balls. The levels […]

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How to play Level 20 of Love Balls Game?

In Love Balls game, there are two balls in the game, a pink and a blue ball. This is a very easy game to play. Hence Love Balls is a great game for players of all ages. Put on your thinking caps and find a way to bump the balls together. The virtual pen is […]

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How to play Level 150 of Love Balls Game?

Love ball is a very interesting puzzle game. The objective of this game is to make two love balls collide with each other. It is not that easy because lines that can be drawn for each level is limited if players want to get 3 stars. There are plenty of levels and the game gets harder […]

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How to play Level 163 of Love Balls Game?

Love Balls is a puzzle game released by developer Super Tapx in early 2018. It is a single-player puzzle game that is fairly simple to play and appropriate for all ages. Love Balls can be downloaded for free and played on both PC and MAC here. The game is organized as a series of levels for which […]

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How to play Level 50 of Love Balls Game?

With so many levels in Love Balls to complete, you may feel lost at some point in time. Your mind seems to go blank and cannot think of a right answer for the puzzle. What you need is a reliable source that can provide you with the simplest solution to your problems. Read more to find […]

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