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Get everything you want to know about Smash Hit here at Smash Hit Knowledge Base! Learn about the new and interesting facts that you did not know about this popular arcade game!


If you have read our guides, our cheats & hacks page, and also downloaded the game, what’s left is to be the master of Smash Hit! Find out what it takes to be the world record holder of Smash Hit. Show players around the world who holds the highest score for the game. Share your high score on Facebook and Twitter and invite your friends in this out-of-the-world experience!


Play the different game modes in Smash Hit by unlocking the premium version. Challenge your friends in the multiplayer mode! Download Smash Hit on PC today! Mac version and Smash Hit apk available as well.

How to play Smash Hit game?

Playing the Smash Hit game is definitely something that takes time and patience if you are playing to beat all the levels and get to the infinite stage of the game. Find out how to play the game! And be sure to download the game if you have not done so!   The key to winning is […]

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What is the Smash Hit World Record Score?

The highest score in the game, Smash Hit, depends on which rank a player has achieved. There have been many discussions about the world record score for Smash Hit. However, we noticed that there’s no official statement made by the game developer, Mediocre AB, about the Smash Hit World Record Score. While many claimed that […]

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How many checkpoints are there in Smash Hit?

Smash Hit Checkpoints There are twelve checkpoints in the game Smash Hit. You have to play through each checkpoint before you can go to another checkpoint. Although this game gets increasingly hard, many are still addicted to this game! Smash Hit provides both engagement and visual enjoyment to its users. A checkpoint is a place you […]

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What is Smash Hit Zen Mode?

Smash Hit is an easy-to-control game which requires users to throw iron balls at the target. The objective of the game is to avoid crashing into the obstacles by smashing them before you reach them. Each player has a limited amount of balls, so there are crystals along the way to allow players to collect […]

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What are the Different Crystals in Smash Hit? | Earn Extra Balls

The key to getting a high score in Smash Hit is to have sufficient balls to last you through all the checkpoints. It’s GAME OVER the moment you run out of balls to shoot. In Smash Hit, you need to focus on strategy, always planning your next move and watching your time. Crystals earn you more […]

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