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What are the upgrades for The Battle Cats?

There is much more to just Cats in The Battle Cats! Read more for other game features of this adorable game. Note that the following are upgrades that you can perform in The Battle Cats.   Cat Research This allows you to produce cats faster, which means more cats on the battlefield.   Cat Study […]

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How to obtain treasures in The Battle Cats?

Treasures are the rewards that you will get each time you completed a main story stage. They vary from Attack Power Increase to Cat Base Health Increase and Recharging Time Decrease.   Obtain Treasures in each game The game makes a roll of dice, of some kind. There is no exact way to reward with […]

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Who is The Battle Cats Thundia?

About Battle Cats Thundia The Battle Cats Thundia is a rare cat which can be unlocked by players. Thundia is an Uber Rare Cat and players will need to use a Rare Cat Capsule to unlock it.   There are different levels in The Battle Cats that you can play to make your way to […]

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Who is The Battle Cats Bahamut?

About Battle Cats Bahamut The Battle Cats Bahamut is a cat under the Special category. It can only be unlocked after the completion of the 3rd chapter of the first story mode, Empire of Cats. As Bahamut cat is deemed to be one of the strongest cats, it is advisable to obtain this cat as […]

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What is the Battle Cats Heavenly Tower?

The Heavenly Tower is an event included in Update 6.2 from July 2017. It is also called Cat Cloud Tower. Players are able to repeatedly play The Heavenly Tower. Let us look at the different levels of the Heavenly Tower.   Levels in The Heavenly Tower There are forty floors in the tower. Each floor […]

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