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Play Fun Run 3 on PC: Race Your Way Towards Glory

Joining a fun run in real life requires a lot of preparation. To last long, you have to build up stamina and endurance months before the actual race. But let’s face it, not all of us can join or prepare for fun runs frequently. So if you are missing a good old run, you can try playing Fun Run 3 instead! This racing game is the third chapter of the Fun Run saga so if you have played the first 2 installments, then you should check this out too.


On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Start A Race in Fun Run 3

Fun Run 3 is the race that you have always wanted. The main objective is to run fast and cross the finish line first. It is that simple—except that other players may attempt to block you along the way! Don’t worry, you can also sabotage your opponent’s progress by running really fast and emerge as the winner of the race.


Play in Multiplayer and Claim Victory with Powerups

There are over 30 power-ups you can use to win Fun Run 3. You can use explosives, saw blades, anvils, guns, roulettes, and even a cruise missile. Some of these power-ups need coins to be unlocked at different levels in the race. They are rather limited, so use them wisely!


What Can You Expect From Fun Run 3 Racing Game?

So you played the first two installments of the Fun Run series. Here’s what you can expect from the third one:

  • Build a Clan with Friends – The great thing about this running game is that you can create a clan. This may be composed of your family or friends, but you can also add strangers through the multiplayer online mode.
  • Excel in Arena Gameplay – For a more amped challenge, Fun Run 3 features an arena where all eight players fight until only the top three are left. The one who reaches the finish line first will get a lot of awards and of course, the bragging rights and glory of winning!
  • Dress Up and Customize Your Character – Aside from races, you can also dress up your avatar with cool and amazing accessories! Choose from unique hats, boots, and sunshades to amp up your look and race in style towards the finish line!

Are you ready? Come on, download and play Fun Run 3 today! You’ll experience the thrill of running as fast you can or become roadkill! If you like this game, you’ll definitely enjoy Pick The Gold and Merge Plane – Click & Idle Tycoon as well. We have a lot of arcade games for you to choose from!

Fun Run 3 Race To Finish
Fun Run 3 Select Player
Fun Run 3 Arena Chipmunks
Fun Run 3 Arena Power Ups
Fun Run 3 Race To Finish
Fun Run 3 Select Player
Fun Run 3 Arena Chipmunks
Fun Run 3 Arena Power Ups




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