Explody Cat: Kitten Game

Explody Cat: Kitten Game

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Explody Cat: Kitten Game

Don't let the red birds explode your kittens!

Stop the red birds from exploding your kittens! Explody Cat: Kitten Game [2019] is an arcade game in which you play as a cat catching green balloon like birds that explode into fireworks raising your high score with each green bird you collect. Avoid the red birds though! Catch a red bird and your kitten explodes, ending the game! Experience six unique maps, choose from five different kittens and customise your kittens with hats and glasses.

Gameplay summary:

The game is simple to learn but hard to master. Catch green birds to raise your score, avoid red birds to prevent your kitten from exploding thus ending the game. Your high score will be visible to other players. Get the highest score and become the best in the
at Explody Cat: Kitten Game [2019] !

- 5 kittens to play as
- 9 unique maps to play on
- Selection of hats and glasses for your chosen kitten
- Easy controls
- Dance button for when you just want to stop and watch a kitten dance enthusiastically
- Bonus content menu


Backyard: The place you'd typically expect to see a kitten trying to catch birds and exploding, or maybe not that last part.

Zombie Birds: A city devastated by a zombie apocalypse, featuring zombie birds, burning vehicles, foreboding music and a police hat for each kitten to wear.

Cyber Cat: A map set in cyber space, featuring cybernetic birds and a unique explosion upon death.

Park: A summer time park themed map, the perfect place for a river side picnic or to avoid exploding birds.

Lonesome Road: A western themed map set in the middle of no where on a highway road passing through the desert.

Kitty Castle: A map set in a desert castle, you will find your cat on one of the walls of the castle over looking the village beneath them which the walls serve to protect.

Class Room: A class room themed map, just your average class room with a feline substitute teacher and the students no where to be seen.

Cats In Space: A map set on an asteroid orbiting an unknown planet, this asteroid mining operation has been interrupted by an invasion of exploding birds!

Cat Craft: A blocky world, kittens, exploding birds, exploding kittens, melons and more!

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