ClickToBeRich - Earn Real Money

ClickToBeRich - Earn Real Money

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It is very simple:

You download the app, register your account with the necessary information and start to click! Every month starts a new season. At the beginning of the season, we are announcing the number of best user on the ranking list who will be rewarded in that certain season.
For Example: In the season in September, the best 200 users on the ranking who got the most points – or better said “Clicks”, that’s how our in-game currency is called - will be rewarded. But how is the reward set together?
It’s very easy: The reward which is cashed out to the best user on the ranking list is a part of our Ad-Revenue which is generated through the ads displayed in ClickToBeRich.
The best thing is: The more you click the more you earn!

The reward of the single user is then determined by the exact position on the ranking list. If you are on the 1st position, you will get the highest reward out of all the rewarded user. If you take the last position you will get the lowest reward out of all rewarded user.
Because in a long term this would be very boring you have the possibility to upgrade your Clickrate! At the beginning, you will earn exactly 1 “Click” by clicking on the button 1 time. If you upgrade your Clickrate you will earn 2 “Clicks” by clicking the button 1 time for example!

And probably you are asking yourself now: “ And what if somebody installed the app earlier than me? They will have a much better Clickrate and can earn “Clicks” much faster than me…”
Because at every start of a new season, every user’s “Clicks” as well as the Clickrate will be reset, everyone has the same chance to get under the best players on the ranking list at the end of the season.

“And which type of rewards can I get?”
Simple answer:

- PayPal Money
- Amazon Gift Cards

You can also earn extra “Clicks” by redeeming Promo Codes which you can find on our Social Media Platforms

in our old version “ClickDichReich 1.0” or on our Website, you can invite your friends via the affiliate system to get a 10% - Commission on all of the “Clicks” which the invited user makes, in the Free-Clicks menu you can do tasks (for example: Follow us on Facebook) to get many “Clicks” very fast and easy!

Furthermore, we would like to mention that we would very appreciate it if you sent us Feedback, any discovering of bugs or suggestions to make our App better! You can send us an E-Mail at or use the Support function in the App! We also would be very happy if you rate our App!

You can find our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy for ClickToBeRich as well as our Imprint on the following websites:

Terms of Service: or in our App under the menu-point “Settings”

Privacy Policy: or in our App under the menu-point “Settings”

Imprint: or in our App under the menu-point “Settings”

Finally, we want to say THANK YOU to all and everyone who plays and recommend ClickToBeRich!